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    12 sex toys under 30 euros

    12 sextoys à moins de 30 euros

    All the sex toys that I will recommend in this article cost 30 euros or less. For a first sex toy or to add to your collection, for solo pleasure or during your antics, that your partner can use on you.

    1 - Bullet Stimulator - €6.90

    The bullet stimulator is small but super effective! I recommend it to anyone buying a sex toy for the first time (or not). You won't be disappointed. The only drawback is its battery charging and the fact that it is a bit noisy, but its shape allows you to be very precise on the areas stimulated by yourself or by your partner.

    2 - Vibrating lipstick - €25.90

    Many people do not want to have a sex toy that has the shape of a sex toy and that it is identifiable as such. This vibrating lipstick from CalExotics does its job completely! For external clitoral stimulation, it's perfect!

    3 - Vibrating kit for couples - 24,90€

    To discover sex toys for two or make a new gift, this kit contains 3 vibrating sex toys: a bullet stimulator, a G-spot stimulator and a vibrating penis ring.

    4 - Vibrating anal plug - 15,90€

    For an introduction to anal stimulation for her and for him, this plug is small and less impressive than the plugs that can sometimes be presented. Anal stimulation with vibration, allows, for some, to increase the orgasm tenfold when it is in place during penetration.

    5 - Vibrator - 29,90€

    Another cute clitoral stimulator to slip into your bag or your case. Slightly ribbed, you can discreetly indulge yourself!

    6 - Mini vibrating clitoral stimulator - €19.90

    This battery-powered vibrating stimulator from Iroha by Tenga is very small, with a single vibration mode but is effective in making your clitoris explode, quickly done well.

    7 - Mini wand - 28,90€

    This mini wand in the shape of a small Kokeshi doll will slip into your bag and can be taken anywhere. Its ultra-quiet motor offers 7 vibration modes that will stimulate your clitoris, your nipples, your vulva or even your anus thanks to its rounded shapes and its 100% silicone coating.

    8 - Mini Wand Massager - €19.90

    Little brother of the famous Wand Massager from the BodyWand brand , the mini Wand Massager is smaller in size and less expensive, but provides the same pleasure! This version offers you the possibility to indulge yourself without being disturbed by a wire thanks to its long-lasting battery.

    9 - Pulsed air stimulator - €22.48

    So there for a mini price you will be able to take advantage, with the clitoral aspirator of the ROMP brand , of the pulsed air technology that you find on the Womanizer and which make a HUGE difference in terms of sensations!
    10 - Rabbit vibrator - 26,90€
    The famous rabbit in a refined version but just as effective! To test masturbation internally, it is good even for beginners.
    11 - Remote- controlled vibrating egg - €18.90
    You can use this remote-controlled egg alone or let your partner use it and control the vibrations!
    12 - Vibrating finger - 12,90€
    With this tip to place on your finger or that of your partner, you will be stimulated by soft and pleasant vibrations.
    You will certainly find the toy that suits you, or that will inspire you to do a first test! Let me know which one appeals to you the most.

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