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    3 sites for naughty and libertine encounters

    3 sites pour faire des rencontres coquines et libertines

    If you follow me on Instagram ( @pauseculotte ), you regularly see the polls that I publish in stories.

    Questions about our vision of the couple, about our most intimate desires and our fantasies.

    There is no model for couples or a model for relationships, and I have seen that the freedom of speech and the evolution of mores pushes us to want to have new experiences.

    Many of you have asked me to do an article on the various existing dating sites allowing you to meet swingers or find partners for group plans or to fulfill your fantasies, as a couple or alone.

    I did not do the test and the meetings myself via these sites, but I asked for feedback from recurring users, to have more relevant opinions.


    The first that came back often is the Wyylde site, formerly Netechangisme. If you're tired of sites or applications like Tinder, where you sometimes have to beat around the bush to get a hookup, Wyylde is straightforward. The site is explicit and goes straight to the point: the profile photos are more than suggestive, the conversations are direct and the people who are registered are there for a specific thing.

    One of the things appreciated about Wyylde is the diversity of profiles and expectations, the open-mindedness of the people there. The person interviewed told me that she had more meetings that met her sexual expectations than what she was able to do on a traditional site, because the profiles contacted were often already followers of libertinism.

    Wyylde is a paid site: to reply to messages, to see more profiles, to access photos, you must have a GOLD profile.


    As its name suggests , Nouslib is a site for libertine dating, as direct as Wyylde . On this site also, people know exactly why they register (and can sometimes be straightforward…which can be confusing for the uninitiated) but at least you don't waste time.

    The Nouslib site is free for women, if they provide a certified photo and paying for men.


    The Jacquie and Michel Contact site is also a platform for naughty and libertine dating but which is more reminiscent of a classic dating site (like Meetic or other). From the outset you are in contact with people living near you, but you can of course do extensive research. The thing that bothered me a little on the Jacquie and Michel Contact site is that some profiles are incomplete, but that in itself allows you to sort it out. I've been on the site since the beginning of the year and I've been able to meet some really nice people without any fuss on this site, which was recommended to me by a friend, also a fan.

    Jacquie et Michel Contact is a paid site, but you can do a free test for two weeks.

    No judgment is made on the desires of each other. Wanting to experiment, getting out of your comfort zone, with respect and kindness to others is not unhealthy, reprehensible, or illegal.

    Have you tried any of these sites before? What did you think ?

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