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    Test: the vagina pump with vibrating tongue Fantasy for her

    Test : la pompe à vagin avec langue vibrante Pleasure Pump

    I gave of my person for this new test! I wanted to see what a cunnilingus simulator could give and I was not disappointed! But wait, I'll explain it all to you later.

    I was looking for a new toy to try on my own and possibly with my partner, after weeks of enjoying my We-Vibe Touch X , and the shape of this PipeDream vagina pump intrigued me.

    Besides, it is not very relevant to qualify it as a vagina pump only, since it does many other things!

    3-in-1: this vagina pump simulates tongue movements during cunnilingus, it sucks on the vulva or nipple and its vibrating curved handle stimulates the G-spot.

    The function that I most wanted to test was obviously the one that simulated cunnilingus.

    Let it be said, I did not find that this vagina pump reproduced all the sensations of cunnilingus: the mouth is incomparable, but the stimulation with the small silicone tongue had a stunning effect just in l approaching my clitoris…and I hadn't yet put the spiked tip that reproduces the texture of the tongue on it (but I'll tell you about that later..pfiouu!).

    The vagina pump comes with two cones of different sizes: they allow you to encompass your vulva and create a kind of suction while the little tongue is in action. You can also use these cones to envelop your breasts and stimulate your nipples.  This stimulation had no effect on me even though this part of my body is hypersensitive (it might have been different if he bit or pinched :p).

    The tongue part has 7 vibration modes that allow you to reach orgasm fairly quickly. I strongly advise you to place one of the two spiked tips on this tongue, which reproduces the texture of the tongue and considerably increases the sensations.

    I'm not a fan of internal stimulation (when I'm masturbating alone) so I didn't use the vibrating shaft for that purpose, but more like a wand to re-stimulate my clitoris and it also completely does the job!

    The grip of the vagina pump is very pleasant, the handle is not imposing and it is not very heavy.

    I find that the use of the vagina pump during a duo report either in foreplay or in the context of frolics without penetration can make it possible to vary the pleasures and give the opportunity to the partner to stimulate his partner differently.

    I also preferred the vibrator version internally when it was not me who was in charge, for more letting go.

    My opinion: the Fantasy for her vagina pump is a sex toy dedicated to female pleasure by offering 4 different modes for pleasure: vulva suction, nipple suction, animated tongue and powerful vibrator. For fans of cunnilingus, you will find sensations close but not identical to what a mouth could do (heat, saliva, finger, etc.), however, with its different intensities and vibrations, orgasm is reached quite quickly, especially with the addition of the spiked tip! A great discovery for use alone or as a couple to vary the pleasures and quickly raise the temperature!

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