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    Review: Lelo's "Ina Wave 2"

    Test : Le « Ina Wave 2 » de Lelo

    A real first for me.

    I'm not familiar with this type of sextoys…even though I've been using them since I was 18 years old.

    I had already done a live on my other Instagram account @boobzfr_ , where I explained that my first penetrating and vibrating sex toy I had offered it to myself, and I had made believe that it was friends who had given it to me taken for my birthday (yeah yeah).

    I was still a virgin at that age, so I didn't use it internally mainly out of fear (and I didn't yet have this notion of pleasure felt internally). He also impressed me because I had taken a sex toy that really had the shape of a penis (with big veins and all but that was neon orange!) and a "normal" size.

    Even afterwards, with an active and “penetrating” sexuality, during my masturbation sessions, I limited myself to external stimulation.

    I'm a fan of contactless sex toys, but when the Lelo brand sent me their latest, the Ina Wave 2 for a test, I challenged myself to open up and test, for the first time, the internal masturbation.

    I warned them that it will be a great first for me, but my opinion will be "neutral" and without point of comparison.

    I was less apprehensive, because over the past few years I've gotten to know my body better, and even more so since I gave birth. I'm not afraid to explore it anymore and I'm much more open about masturbation. I listen to myself a lot more now.

    Well, after setting the stage for my masturbation experience, I'm going to give you an unfiltered review of the Ina Wave 2 .

    I unbox it and I find that it is as pleasant to the touch as the other products of the brand that I already have (the Sila and the Sona 2 Cruise ). A sleek design and a size that doesn't scare me (for a first, I don't know if I would have liked to insert an imposing sex toy). I clean it before use and put it in charge. I believe that in just 10 minutes it was already fully loaded.

    I activate it before to see what to expect. The Ina Wave 2 has a "back and forth" movement, which mimics the movement of the fingers when fingered and according to the description would stimulate the G-spot. It also has a smaller part that does not move like the part to insert and which is there to stimulate the clitoris.

    The Ina Wave 2 comes with a small dose of lube, but I already had some.

    It's time for the test. I lie down, I put a good dose of lubricant and I approach the Ina Wave 2 . My little fears are coming back (thanks to the perineal rehabilitation and my gynecology appointments that come to mind at this precise moment ^^), but I start with what I know, the stimulation of my clitoris. The lubricant helps to have a smooth movement. I do not move it yet, to see what it gives me. It's different from what I feel with a Sona type clitoral stimulator, so I'm still waiting a bit.

    The pressure isn't building yet, so I start gently bringing the Ina Wave 2 closer to my vagina and pushing it in little by little.

    This is going to sound weird to you but I did as my midwife taught me: push to insert 😅

    It wasn't at all painful or unpleasant, I would have stopped without it, and I relaxed once the object was in place.

    With the buttons on the handle, I increased the power, to feel the vibrations even more. I was focused to really feel the movements internally. This stimulation was new, usually it's my man's body that I feel, his weight, his warmth. There I was me with myself, discovering myself from the inside. And really it was a good introduction.

    You add to that the clit stimulation with the part planned for and I had a real winning combo.

    Then I think I'm going to have to do several tries to get to cum “from the inside” because this time, I ended up stimulating my clitoris again externally…#habits

    Pulling it out, I moved it in such a way as to simulate fingers playing with my clit up and down. And the orgasm came very quickly.

    On the other hand, I tested the Ina Wave 2 as a duo, to stimulate my clit at the same time as I was being penetrated and there, without lying, I came in 30 seconds 😅 I was side-saddle and the vibrations were intense, my boyfriend also took advantage of it because I placed the Ina Wave 2 also on his lower abdomen. He hallucinated the power of my orgasm ... I couldn't believe myself!

    My opinion : for a first solo, I really liked the softness and ease of handling the Ina Wave 2 . Inside, I felt it good but I remained a little timid in its optimal use. I think that will come over time. But the object itself did not scare me and I think that for a first sex toy, it will be able to put a lot of you at ease. On the other hand, it is very similar to the Loki Wave , prostate massager, of the same brand, which is bigger. The Ina Wave 2 can also be used for an anal initiation for men and women.

    But externally or used as a duo, I'm already won over!

    I hope you enjoyed this review and made you want to try the Ina Wave 2 yourself.

    Do not hesitate to take a look at the Espace Plaisir site where you can treat yourself or your partner with my PAUSEPLAISIR code which offers you -10% on the site (excluding current promotion).

    I leave you the link here: Ina Wave 2

    See you soon for a next test!

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