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    Test: the “Womanizer Classic 2” clitoral stimulator

    Test : le stimulateur clitoridien « Womanizer Classic 2 »

    You think I'm obsessed with the Womanizer brand?! Well, you're not wrong! I am a fan and I devote myself to do the tests and advise you (and for my personal pleasure too, we are not going to lie to each other ^^).

    After the Womanizer Premium 2 , I had the opportunity with Espace Plaisir to test the latest version of the Womanizer Classic 2 .

    As I have always said, if I had to recommend a first clitoral stimulator to someone who has never tested this type of toy, I would direct them to this brand without any hesitation.

    The Womanizer Classic 2 model differs on several points compared to the Womanizer Premium 2 , but remains a good introduction to the subject, if you want to take advantage of the unique technology of this brand.

    Let's start at the beginning: why are you going to love the Womanizer Classic 2 ?

    For a slightly lower price than the Premium version (129 euros instead of 189 euros for the higher version), you will discover, with the Womanizer Classic 2 , the Pleasure Air technology which allows the diffusion of pulsed air waves on your clitoris, to stimulate it without direct contact.

    As for the Premium , the Womanizer Classic 2 will adapt to all vulvas, offering 2 interchangeable tips for more comfort (and to vary the pleasures): a size S and a size M.

    A good grip: it won't slip through your hands, it fits perfectly in the palm! Very pleasant to the touch, it is slightly smaller than the Premium 2 (my attention to detail!)

    This model, like all of the brand's models, is waterproof, and is very easy to maintain: the tip can be removed very easily, with soap and water, dry and it's clean!

    The Womanizer Classic 2 has 10 intensity levels, from the softest to the most 'powerful', which will allow the uninitiated to familiarize themselves with gentle sensations and those looking for more pulsations to have more vigorous stimulation.

    For my part, having tested the Premium version (with 12 intensity levels) and Premium 2 (with 14 intensity levels), I was a little unsatisfied in terms of power. It took me longer to reach orgasm too, precisely because the power of the Womanizer Classic 2 didn't allow me to pound like its successor 😝 (yes I need vibrations worthy of a hammer stinger or nothing!)

    But again, for people who have never tested other models of the brand, and who would be tempted, it does the job WIDELY and will become an essential part of your sex toys. This remains a completely subjective opinion.

    For the small differences with the Premium version, we will not find the famous Smart silence system which allows the sex toy to only make 'noise' when it is close to the skin, for more discretion and battery saving. The absence of this technology on the Womanizer Classic 2 makes it a bit noisier.

    There is also the absence of random mode, which is present on the Premium 2 version. For me, this is not a disadvantage, I am rather 'classic' in the use that I make of my sex toy, I generally go straight to the point, fast and efficient. But it's true that it can be a little extra for use as a duo, for example, so that the partner can stimulate you differently.

    My opinion: Womanizer is and will remain my flagship brand of clitoral stimulators! From the entry level of their range to the most 'successful', you can take advantage of their unique pulsed air technology for a fast and powerful orgasm, and for that alone, it's worth trying! For the Womanizer Classic 2 , you'll get most of the features of its successor, the Premium 2 , but at a slightly more affordable price. Having tested the superior version, and being hypersensitive to strong vibrations, I was a little unsatisfied with this model, but again, if you have never tested the Premium 2 , the Classic 2 will largely fulfill its role. For a first personal experience or to offer, you will not make a mistake.

    In partnership with Espace Plaisir , we offer you -10% reduction on the Womanizer range (excluding current promotions) to allow you to treat yourself or treat yourself and discover this little gem with the code PAUSEPLAISIR .

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