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    Test: the “Womanizer Premium 2” clitoral stimulator

    Test : le stimulateur clitoridien « Womanizer Premium 2 »

    It is with emotion that I embarked on this new test! Why emotion? Because it was with the Womanizer brand that I discovered clitoral stimulation, when I was pregnant.

    It was my boyfriend who made me discover this toy, when I had an increased sexual appetite (with hormones coughed coughed!) and who had inquired about a non-invasive sex toy (I was afraid to insert a sex toy mistakenly thinking that I could have "disturbed" my baby). The unusual and non-phallic shape of this vibrator seduced me at first sight, and despite the price, I decided to take the plunge after reading all the rave reviews about it!

    I was absolutely not disappointed and I praised it afterwards with my friends! Some still say thank you to me today :)

    When my first Womanizer gave up the ghost, I moved on to other toys but was nostalgic for the sensations felt by my first stimulator.

    A few years later, I invested in getting the Womanizer Premium and there I fell in love again. The intensity, the noise, the silent mode, the powerful and rapid orgasm… in short, for me, unparalleled pleasure!

    When Espace Plaisir offered to test the new model, Womanizer Premium 2, I accepted without hesitation! 

    I received it when I had my period pains (it is very important for the rest of the test!); and to relieve myself and dissipate these evils, nothing better than masturbation!

    In itself, the Womanizer Premium and the Womanizer Premium 2 look similar on the outside. It is at the functional level that there have been improvements.

    On the Womanizer Premium 2 , I find the same specificities that really made me love its previous version: 

      • the unique Pleasure Air technology, which offers unrivaled sensations. 
      • Smart Silence technology which allows the Womanizer Premium 2 to turn on only when it is in contact with the skin and to turn off when it is no longer.
      • the Autopilot mode which allows you to randomly change the intensity of the vibrations
      • its sound level which allows you to have fun without alerting the whole neighborhood...

    The big plus is the addition of two intensity levels, from 12 to 14!

    For "less sensitive" clitoris like mine, adding these two levels on the Womanizer Premium 2 gave me even more pleasure.

    On the other hand, once the orgasm is over, I can't keep it in place, even by lowering the intensity, but that's a matter of feeling and of each person's body. Me, I'm super sensitive afterwards, and it's IM-POS-SI-BLE to touch, I find it very unpleasant. But it does the job for which it is intended!

    In terms of maneuverability, the Womanizer Premium 2 has a very easy and intuitive handling, access to the control buttons + and - as well as that of the autopilot is easy.

    The start, like the previous version of the Womanizer Premium , is done with a long press and the lights indicate its start.

    To adapt to the morphology of each, the box of the Womanizer Premium 2 offers two tips of two different sizes, S and M.

    Regarding the autopilot option, if you want to be surprised and want to increase the pressure, it's ideal. For my test, I started to use it, but since this masturbatory moment was essentially made to relieve my period pains, I wanted to go straight to the point and quickly turned the power up to the max! In 5 minutes it was fixed, for my pleasure and the relief of my uterine area ^^ We don't talk about it enough but it's just an unstoppable way to deal with this moment which can be really painful for some!

    This mode can also be fun if you use it as a couple, and your partner wants to play and surprise you during foreplay or during sex.

    The Womanizer Premium 2 is for me a must if not THE MUST, for beginners or experienced in masturbation with contactless sex toys! Be careful however, for those with sensitive clitoris, not to go all out from the start, it really stirs. Go gradually to appreciate each sensation felt.

    My opinion: The Womanizer brand, and in this case the Womanizer Premium 2 , is and will remain my essential clitoral stimulator and the one that I would recommend with eyes closed to anyone wishing to test this type of sex toy. With its unique air pulse technology, it stands out from other sex toys that I have tested. It meets all the criteria: its maneuverability, its silence, its different levels of intensity which cover a wide spectrum of sensations. For people like me who like to feel 3000% of the vibrations for a quick orgasm, you will be completely satisfied. If this is the first time you're going to try this type of toy, I recommend taking it step by step, notch by notch so that it's not too violent, if your clitoris is sensitive. To be used alone, in pairs, before, during, after menstruation, when you want, where you want thanks to its low volume intensity which does not alert the whole neighborhood... In short, the Womanizer Premium 2 , as you can see understood was a real crush!

    And yes, it is also waterproof! It could possibly replace an old shower head...

    In partnership with Espace Plaisir , we offer you -10% reduction on the Womanizer range (excluding current promotions and not cumulative) to allow you to treat yourself or treat yourself and discover this little gem, with the code PAUSEPLAISIR .


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