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    Review: We-Vibe's Touch X multifunction vibrator

    Test : le vibromasseur multifonction Touch X de We-Vibe

    After more than 15 days of testing, I can finally give you a feedback on the Touch X multifunction clitoral stimulator from the We-Vibe brand.

    This vibrating roller has become my new favorite toy, in external stimulation!

    It really has everything to please, if like me, you favor external clitoral stimulation. 

    The Touch X comes in the form of an all-silicone roller, quite light, which fits perfectly in the hand.

    First good surprise is the start-up. When with other sex toys you have to press the '+' or 'on' button for a few seconds, on the Touch X you press once, without forcing it, and it starts! It may be a detail for you, but for me it means a lot!

    And there, another very good point is the little noise it makes. The Touch X has 8 intensity levels, and even at maximum power you won't alert the whole neighborhood with the vibrations of your toy.

    Speaking of vibrations, again you will be pleasantly surprised. For the first use, I strongly advise you to fully charge your Touch X to take full advantage of it. It takes less than an hour for a full recharge, via USB, on top of the device. You'll see a flashing light point when it's charging and stop when it's finished.

    I was impressed by the power of the Touch X , already in my hand…but once placed on the clitoris (to the power of 3 for me), it met my expectations perfectly! And yet, I am not hypersensitive.

    I liked its tip, which is reminiscent of a more pointed tongue, which will perfectly target each zone of the vulva, from the labia minora to the labia majora, by stimulating the glans of the clitoris. You can handle it so as to wedge it as you wish on your penis.

    If you want to vary the sensations, you can test the random vibration, which can also be activated via the small button that looks like a wavelet.

    Personally, I don't use lubricant with my sex toy, but if you're more comfortable with it, don't hesitate to take some water-based and clean your toy well before and after use.

    Another advantage of the Touch X is that you can use it both alone and with your partner for body massages.

    I read “multifunction” and immediately thought of doing a massage…on my boyfriend's back with it! And it didn't fail…he loved it! 

    We also tested it during our reports and it fits perfectly, during foreplay, used by my partner on me or during penetration without the Touch X interfering with movement or my boyfriend.

    Validation also for use in the shower (but not in the bath) because it is waterproof.

    My opinion : a perfect masturbation companion, which is now in my TOP 2 of clitoral stimulators, after the Womanizer Premium 2 ! I had already tested in sex toys of this type, but clearly the Touch X from We-Vibe is a step above the lot! The shape, the maneuverability, the precision of the tip which allows each zone of the vulva to be stimulated well, the possibility of using this toy alone or in pairs, for uses other than its sexual function, really appealed to me. . I use it regularly since I received it, more often alone, to reach a quick orgasm, thanks to the strong vibrations that the Touch X offers. Ideal for sensitive and less sensitive clitoris, to reclaim your body and find out if it's your first sex toy.

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