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    Test: Non-contact clitoral stimulator - Baci - Lora DiCarlo

    Test : Stimulateur clitoridien sans contact - Baci - Lora DiCarlo

    Would I have found the direct competitor of my love Womanizer Premium in the “person” of Baci , from the Lora DiCarlo brand?!

    My story with clitoral stimulators began 5 years ago, when my darling told me about a sex toy that provided orgasms in less than a minute! It was then the Womanizer. I used it thoroughly during my pregnancy, to satisfy my overflowing desires (due to hormones!) and not to constantly solicit my boyfriend, who was not always in the same good as me.

    My first Womanizer let me down and I then tested other brands of stimulators that never equaled what I had been able to feel with my first sex toy. It must be said that the Womanizer has a unique technology that I have not found in any of the other toys acquired or offered. Up to Baci from the Lora Dicarlo brand .

    I didn't know her until I saw her on social media, via an impressive video of another of their models, the Onda .

    Launched in 2017, Lora DiCarlo is a brand created by a woman (rare in the industry) and a leader in the sexual well-being industry.

    Long story short…I received from this brand the Baci I'm going to tell you about.

    I was first drawn to the Baci , because I'm in love with contactless clitoral stimulators.

    The Baci comes in a new form: it looks like an egg with a protective shell for storage. The velvet texture is very pleasant with an excellent grip.

    No need for instructions, the use is extremely simple. In fact, you just have to press the on/off button with the logo for 5 seconds, until it lights up, and for adjusting the power and speed, the buttons are also easily accessible. .

    At first I was a little afraid of the noise made by the Baci , but affixed to the clitoris it remains relatively correct.

    In terms of sensations, we are close to cunnilingus, thanks to Airflow technology. But what I really appreciated, having an absolutely insensitive clitoris, is the strong powerful hit by the vibrations.

    The hollow tip is placed around the glans of the clitoris, and stimulates it thanks to air movements, without touching it directly. This principle, called "contactless", has already proven itself and provides intense orgasms, often multiple, and without any desensitization of the clitoris.

    Around the mouthpiece is a thin membrane, which is flattened at the level of the lips and the cap. At the rate of the flow of air which passes through the tip, this membrane pulses, and taps the entire vulva. The stronger the chosen intensity, the faster the tapping, until it evokes a real vibration.

    I reached a powerful orgasm in 3 minutes! I did not expect to find such sensations since those felt with my Womanizer!

    I tried some stimulators, and sincerely the Baci is definitely in my top 3.

    My opinion : you will have understood, the Baci is a real favorite that I cannot recommend highly enough, if you are looking for your first contactless clitoral stimulator. It is by far the one that comes closest to what I am looking for in this type of sex toy: power, effective vibrations and a quick orgasm. I haven't tested it during couple sex, but it goes without saying that it could be part of our antics.

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