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    Through the screen

    À travers l'écran

    I am a single mom of a teenage girl and a toddler.

    The children are with their respective fathers on weekends and during school holidays.

    I take advantage of their absences to indulge in one of my hobbies: masturbation in front of strangers online.

    I don't tell anyone about it but I love seeing people behind their screens getting turned on at the sight of my wet pussy.

    I don't do this for the money, it gives me confidence and it also excites me terribly.

    I go through dating apps to find people who would like to practice this. We don't see each other in real life, that's my rule, but we can chat a bit before and after our joint masturbation session.

    A few months ago I came across the profile of a woman I quite like. We start chatting a bit about the app and I ask her if she wants us to continue somewhere else. I am clear from the start so that there is no ambiguity and no time is wasted. I tell her that I would like to make her come from a distance, that she sees me dildoing and caressing me and that I would like to see her do the same. She agrees but asks me a favor.

    She asks me if it does not bother me that she is not alone, I answer her no. She tells me that her boyfriend is next and that he too would like to enjoy the show, and masturbate with us. It was the first time for me, but I told him why not.

    We go on Skype to see each other. I'm already naked in front of my computer. I get his video call, I pick up. I see her, she's in her bra and no panties, her lover is next to her, already erect…and very hefty!

    I start to masturbate using my hand, I see them watching me carefully, the girl is biting her lips, her boyfriend is masturbating.

    I continue taking my vibrator that I begin to insert into my sex, spreading my legs well, to give them the best possible view, I moan at the same time.

    I see the girl touching her breasts and starting to touch herself too, her boyfriend is still going all out.

    As I sink my dildo tension increases. I squeal with pleasure. It excites them, I see it.

    And there, I look at the screen and I see that the guy is licking his girlfriend, who continues to stare at me, biting her lips and pinching her nipples.

    It really excites me, I've never done that. Her boyfriend takes a look at the screen, gets up, his cock still erect. He pulls his girlfriend, turns her around and begins to penetrate her doggy style. I see she likes it, she clings to her bed. She moaned looking at me. Hearing it increases my excitement.

    I slow down the movements of my vibrator to try to enjoy when they would have enjoyed.

    Seeing her man's muscular, plump ass move while he's inside her makes me wet even more.

    I say to myself "But enjoy, I can't take it anymore!" »

    To believe that they heard me: Mr. took out his cock to enjoy on his wife's buttocks. Me I expected that, I enjoy right after.

    It was good and unexpected to have been able to be the person who excites this couple. I loved this little moment.

    We never spoke again.

    On the other hand, I have since met in real life a woman that I had met online after a session, but I will not say more about it for the moment.

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