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    Premature delivery

    Accouchement prématuré

    I had to get pregnant for our intimate relationship with my husband to completely change.

    I never had a high regard for my body and when we made love, it was in the dark, me with my bra, a t-shirt and the "bare" minimum. I had a normal libido.

    I took pleasure but I did not let myself go completely. I was borderline stuck. With my husband it was gentle, he was understanding and didn't rush anything. Didn't show any signs of frustration or anything, but I had a desire in me to release and give him more.

    I got pregnant and there I wouldn't know how to explain it but certainly with the hormones, my libido exploded.

    With this new body I really felt more desirable and liberated. It was really paradoxical but I felt more at ease. Like a rebirth.

    I wanted to constantly, but as it was not usual, at first I dared not tell my husband.

    But one morning, then 5 months pregnant, we both woke up and the light was barely coming through the curtains, I took the lead.

    I started to touch the sex of my husband who was already erect above the sheet that covered us half. And he approached my penis carefully, asked my permission to caress me before starting to rub my clitoris.

    I was very hot all of a sudden, but it was a good heat. I didn't think about how I was dressed, whether I should close the blinds so he couldn't see anything as usual. No, there I just wanted him to take me.

    I continued to jerk him off, and the more I heard him moan the more I got excited, the more I wet, the more he pressed my clit.

    He stopped and asked if he could lick me. Until now, I had never allowed him to do so, out of modesty and fear that he would discover me. But there, I was in my momentum and uninhibited, I let him do it…in my own way!

    I wanted to come on his head and really I did not regret!

    This position was very pleasant, because I was starting to have belly and I discovered at the same time the manual talents of my man.

    He didn't hesitate to literally eat my pussy (sorry but that's exactly what he did lol) while fingering me at the same time. I have never felt such pleasure, it was intense. I screamed with pleasure, I cried so much it was good.

    And at one point I came…very hard…to the point of throwing up a huge flask of water that ran down his face and literally soaked our bed. It cut us short..I was like “Shit! My water is breaking but it's too early, it's not possible! ".

    Neither one nor two we go to the hospital (I had had problems during my pregnancy so we were not taking any risks). Arrived at the maternity to see if everything is ok, a gynecologist asks us what brings us and I tell the context of the loss of water. They ask me if I had contractions, I answer no. If I feel my uterus hurts or I have any unusual sensations, I say no. She looks and tells me that everything is ok and explains to me that what I had experienced was a female ejaculation.

    My little shame that freed me for the future and gave a second wind to our sex life which is now much more unbridled, and I let myself go a lot more now!

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