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    Hello doctor

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    I work from home and I am a young mother. My man, with whom I have been with for 8 years, is an osteopath.

    We had a difficult year after the arrival of our son and I wanted to take matters into my own hands, so as not to lose him and our relationship to fall apart.

    We only crossed paths, when we were a couple very focused on sex before my pregnancy. 

    He came to me as much as I came to him, we had a good balance and for two years I didn't recognize us anymore.

    I went there step by step and I wanted to surprise him. I admit that working at home and being a young mother I no longer took the time for myself. But since our son goes to nursery, I'm less into speed. I started putting on makeup again and I was also more relaxed. My man noticed it and liked the change: new haircut, new clothes.

    One day, I make an appointment with him, but taking another name and changing my voice on the phone so that he doesn't recognize me. Appointment made the next day. 

    He leaves for work, kisses me. I'm so excited to see him later, when he doesn't know. He doesn't work far from home. After dropping off at the nursery, I go home quickly to get ready: I had planned my move and I had bought sexy lingerie, slit panties and tulle garter belts, stilettos that I hadn't put on. for years and a trench coat. I had adopted the look of the naughty little secretary, I know it excites her. I had put on a little matte red lipstick and glasses for the strict but sexual side.

    The appointment time has come, I'm in the waiting room… alone. I know he's with a patient, I hear muffled noises. His date ends and he sees me in the room. He looks shocked and wonders what I'm doing here. He goes from looking incredulous to looking more mischievous when he sees me dressed as I was.

    Since we are alone I drop the trench so that he discovers me almost naked. I approach him to kiss him passionately. We hear the doorbell ringing, another patient arrives… we quickly go back to his office.

    I tell him to take me on the table, that it must be fast and that I want to feel it. I speak to him with raw words and I see him hard in a few seconds. I undo his pants and suck him off like I never think I've sucked him. He tries his best not to make noise, because I have a rather expressive man. I see him resisting, biting his lip. He strokes my hair and my back. I watch him take his foot. When it is very hard I stop. He turns me around so that my elbows are on the table. He bends down to lick me. My pussy was completely offered to him, I was so turned on, and the fact that a patient was in the waiting room and could hear us increased my excitement.

    His skillful hands caressed my body and I was in a trance. He hadn't licked me like that in months, I felt like my sleeping clit was waking up at that moment.

    I cum and cling to the table to keep from screaming, but deep inside I'm boiling. I really want to feel his cock inside me, I tell him, he tells me he wants to fuck me like never before. So it's off to a second round for me. The massage table being a bit high…he takes me…against a wall. I cling to him and he enters me. He's quite muscular and has no trouble taking my buttocks back and forth on his cock. I buried my head in his neck so as not to scream again.

    I end up enjoying again with him this time who enjoyed inside me.. I cleaned his sex with my mouth while still looking him in the eye. 

    It was short and intense. I casually left his office and he went on with his day. We made love again the same evening, he confessed to me that I had realized one of his fantasies, which he had never dared to tell me because he thought that I was going to say that it was cliché , while on the contrary I found it super good.

    This episode obviously had a click for us because we didn't resume our relationship, taking into account our life as parents, but we no longer neglect each other and we are attentive to each other. We take two to two, we multiply the quickies between noon and two and I am more in love than ever.

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