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    longtime friendship

    Amitié de longue date

    I am 4 months pregnant  and I have been with my partner for 5 months.

    Everything happened particularly quickly and this pregnancy was sudden. Despite everything, I am very fulfilled as a future mother, on all levels.

    The meeting with my companion is absolutely not fortuitous. I've known him since I was 17. We were friends in high school, we had flirted together briefly but we preferred to remain friends. We became very close and I considered him my best friend.

    All these years he has been by my side, has seen my various friends pass by, has been of unfailing support. There was no ambiguity between us. 

    But one day everything changed. The day my best friend got married. He had been in a relationship before, but I was also in a relationship at the same time. But for this last relationship I was single.

    The more he told me about his girlfriend, the more the feelings mixed in my head. I didn't dare tell him about it because I didn't want to mess up his relationship and I'm not a homewrecker. So I was chomping at the bit in silence, and I listened to him talk to me about what he was going through and I watched them.

    I secretly hoped that their story would turn around, so that I could declare myself. I was caught off guard months after they got together. 

    My best friend's girlfriend suggests they move in together. He comes to see me to talk about it and the conversation takes a turn that I didn't expect.

    He tells me about his fears and the fact that in the end he is not ready to settle down because he realizes that he may not be as into the relationship as his girlfriend. 

    I don't know what to say, but it's boiling inside me. It was unexpected and at the same time I didn't want to take advantage of the situation. I tell him that if he needs to take his mind off things over a drink, we can have a Netflix and chill evening with wine. He is ok with this program.

    The evening progresses, we talk, and with the wine the tongues loosen and the gestures become more and more tender. We're getting closer, I can't stop what's happening. My principles had good back at this moment. I just wanted to be with my best friend.

    He begins to kiss me on the neck, to suck my earlobe, taking care to caress my whole body, delicately. I don't know if the fact of rubbing shoulders as very close friends for years had allowed us to be so quickly in osmosis in this first approach.

    I had shivers that ran through my body at each of his caresses. Sitting both on the couch, I decide to overlap. I find myself on his legs and I kiss him languidly. He is very enterprising and sure of himself, it is a facet that particularly excites me at this moment. He takes my buttocks and begins to make me move on him to rub me on his penis. The friction stimulates my clitoris at the same time and makes me rise in pressure very quickly.

    He takes off my sweater, I don't have a bra, so he has direct access to my chest. He begins to put it in his mouth. He licks my nipples with the tip of his tongue, which harden as my excitement increases. I unbutton his pants and take off his boxers. I take my turn off my pants and panties and I'm back on him. 

    I rub his glans on my swollen clitoris, I polish myself completely on his cock going faster and faster. He holds my hips and goes down on my buttocks, taking them with both hands. We are both fully, I slip him “Are you sure of yourself? » and he replies with a smile « I think it's already too late ». At the same time his tail goes into me. I'm in a perfect position, I feel good. We move in rhythm, we are in fusion. Our bodies were meant to be mixed. 

    He wants to take over and we end up on all fours, me clinging to my sofa and him clinging to my buttocks. He enjoys hard in me and I let myself enjoy also in a cry from the guts. He doesn't stay to sleep, I tell him to go home so that he can put his thoughts in place.

    The next day we discussed again what had happened, and we said to ourselves that it was not correct for his girlfriend and that the alcohol had certainly contributed to this slippage. We decide to keep it to ourselves.

    But life decided otherwise. A month after our little evening, I learn that I am pregnant and it was necessarily my best friend the father, I had not had anyone in the meantime and we had not protected each other. His reaction was not what I expected: he told me that he was too happy and that he had been in love with me for years but that it was never the right time to admit it to me, he was afraid of losing me as a friend. This announcement had given him the strength to break up with his girlfriend and get started with me. I was the happiest.

    I am therefore pregnant with the man of my life, my soul mate, my best friend and I could have missed him. We get to know each other sexually and with the pregnancy hormones I have feelings that I've never experienced before, so we really don't deprive ourselves. The best decision of my life.

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