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    I am a young mother in her thirties, in a relationship for 7 years.

    I'm not necessarily proud of what I did but I needed to confide in what I experienced, taking advantage of the anonymity of your account.

    This story goes back 2 years ago. I had been on maternity leave and was returning to my job as an archivist in a consulting firm.

    At that time, even more than today, I didn't feel good in this new post-pregnancy body. In my couple it was not the joy, I had the impression of being nothing more than a mother for my man, who no longer touched me and had no more cuddly attention towards me. I was unhappy but I accepted the situation for my baby and I told myself that it was certainly normal after having a child.

    During my absence a temporary worker, C., was at my post and when I returned, he had been hired to support me.

    We work in the basement and we have little access to the public. We meet every day, alone, for hours.

    We end up getting closer, C. brings me the attention that I don't have at home. We flirt together, more and more. C. is charming and seduces me. This little game lasts for 3 months. I regained a taste for getting ready and looking pretty, because I knew he would point that out to me.

    I went to work in a good mood, because I knew I was going to find C. My husband told me that I had changed but did not know why, but he, on the other hand, did not change in his way of being with me. .

    One afternoon, I find myself storing files at the bottom of the reserve. C. is with me in the reserve to make photocopies. He joins me. Me from behind, him approaching and kissing my neck. I'm hardly surprised at his gesture, I was secretly waiting for him to take the first step. He told me he couldn't resist and seeing my neck like that made him really want to taste it.

    A shiver ran through my whole body. I had a feeling of guilt for feeling pleasure in what was happening and at the same time I desperately wanted it to go further. I let C. take matters into his own hands, as if to absolve me of this deception.

    He starts kissing me on the neck again, taking me in his arms this time. I'm still back, and I rub against him. He said to me, "Stop giving me a hard-on like that, the afternoon is going to be very long, I'm going to think even more about making love to you...". Me it's too late, I want us to fuck in the reserve. I continue to rub my ass on his jeans, I feel that he squirms too. He nibbles my ear, I melt. I turn around and we end up kissing languidly. We mutually slip our hands into our pants to access our sexes. No sooner had we started than a person entered the office, stopping us dead. I left the reserve alone so as not to arouse suspicion, especially since C. had a very conspicuous erection.

    Nothing happened this time because there were incessant passages all day, after our prank.

    I go home, my head full of images and an excitement that hasn't left me since C. kissed my neck.

    Of course, I don't talk to my husband about it. I touch myself that day thinking hard about C.

    The next day I get dressed, calculating everything… I feel beautiful, desirable and incredibly sexy. I decide not to put on underwear… so that everything is accessible.

    My man leaves for work before me and therefore has not seen my preparation.

    Arrival before C. I long to see him. It's not there yet that I'm already very excited about what might happen.

    He arrives a few minutes after me, I greet him with a broad smile. He approaches me and kisses me, taking my face with one hand, so that my cheek rests there. We were connected on our desires. I whisper in his ear that I wear absolutely nothing under my skirt or my blouse. He bites his lip and looks at me with a mischievous eye. I tell him I hope we don't get interrupted this time because I really want him to fuck me.

    He goes fully into my game. I get up and head for the back of the reserve. I invite him to follow me. We quickly find ourselves kissing passionately and touching everywhere. I feel the desire rising stronger in me, remembering all those months when I was not wanted as much. I let myself go completely. I reveal the sex lover inside me by taking matters into my own hands with C.

    I unbutton his pants and kneel down to suck him off. He's shaved, a cock that's perfect for my little mouth, soft and ribbed, perfect for me. I really enjoy giving it to him. I apply myself to raise his pressure to the maximum. I've been fantasizing about this moment for months, it's beyond my expectations.

    He picks me up and kneels down. He puts one leg on his shoulder and sinks between my thighs to access my wet wet sex to start licking me. At this level I am not disappointed either, he is very talented. He tells me that he likes my pussy and that I am very beautiful when I have fun. I needed to hear that. I hold on to the shelves so I don't fall, I feel like I'm losing my balance with every lick it's so good.

    I tell him that I want him to take me, I also think that we must not be surprised and to my frustration if he does not penetrate me.

    C. puts on his condom, I make room on a shelf to position myself and he takes me doggy style. Luckily it was well attached because C.'s thrusts were really vigorous. He was going fast then slowing the pace, going deep, pulling his cock out and putting it back in even harder. My head was spinning so much I was in ecstasy. I came very hard in a few minutes. I think I enjoyed as I had never enjoyed with anyone, even with my husband...

    We didn't make love again during the day, but we were both good together.

    In the evening I went home, with my husband we made love and I came because I had thought about the sex part with C.

    I'm still cheating on my husband with C. two years later, but I'm not ready to leave everything for him yet. My husband doesn't know anything, I keep it vague and he hasn't changed at all. I don't know how long it will last, I'm blossoming sexually with C., which fills the void I have with my husband and for now it's fine with me.

    I don't expect anyone to approve what I do, I just needed to talk about it because I don't dare empty my bag even with my friends, for fear of being judged.

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