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    Before you have to stop

    Avant de devoir arrêter

    Giving pleasure to my man is pleasurable for me.

    I don't feel submissive or anything when I pleasure her and relish being in control.

    I love giving him blowjobs and especially when I wake up, when I see his morning erection, before being surprised by the children who are going to tumble into our room with a bang.

    This was the case yesterday morning, when I felt the stiffness of his penis on my buttocks because we were spooning, while we slept naked. His erection was uncontrolled, but feeling him against me when it had been several days since we had had the opportunity to make love, had me excited as soon as I woke up.

    I started rubbing my ass against him, gently waking him up and seeing if he responded to my caresses. After a few seconds I feel him sticking to him. 

    I then turn to him, and I begin to masturbate. I don't have to do a lot of back and forth on his sex for it to be very hard.

    I decide to put myself on him to suck him at the same time presenting my pussy. We give each other pleasure together, he with his fingers and his tongue and me with my mouth. He kisses me between the thighs and massages my clit, while I take it in the mouth with enthusiasm. I suck it slowly and I arch my back well so that there is a good view of my buttocks and my wet vulva.

    I then go back to put my penis on his face, because he wants to take care of me. He is now wide awake and just as excited as me. I love these sex mornings.

    He holds me tight, gripping my ass tightly as I gesticulate in pleasure. I stand in balance and caress my chest which is pointing with excitement.

    I go down for him to penetrate me, but barely have I had time to position myself on his penis when I hear the door open…one of our children has arrived and interrupted us in the act.

    I'm a little frustrated but that's the game when you become a parent. I don't know when the next opportunity we will have to meet will be, but I loved this moment together. I masturbated in the shower to enjoy and start the day calmly.

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    Alan calendar_today

    Texte magnifique, ne jamais oublier de rester un couple même quand on devient parents. La sexualité conjugale peut rester très épanouissante quand on se souci du plaisir l’un de l’autre.

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