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    As a couple for 8 years and parents of a 6 year old little girl, we had ups and downs.

    We recover each time and we have learned, over the years, to communicate and talk openly about what we would like to do, sexually speaking.

    Our daughter's first years were a little complicated from an intimate point of view, I didn't love myself at all anymore, I had a big drop in libido and we hardly spoke to each other. Our life as parents had completely taken over our life as a couple.

    One day without me really expecting it, my man opened up to me, telling me about his sadness about our estrangement. He told me about his doubts and he also said he understood me. He admitted to me masturbating a lot because he didn't want to put pressure on me and I told him that it wasn't the desire that I lacked but rather accumulated fatigue and a lack of self-esteem. mom's body. It was on that day that I understood that there was a real lack of communication in our relationship.

    We talked a good part of the night, about our desires and our most intimate fantasies. From the view of sexuality as parents and other things. It was both rewarding, exciting and touching, because it was the first time that my man had given himself up so much, on sometimes taboo subjects.

    A few days pass and we have the opportunity to be alone without our child. Our discussion had a click on me and had a boost effect on my libido.

    I proposed to my man to have a romantic afternoon with the restaurant and cinema program.

    I don't tell him anything about my naughty intentions but while getting ready I didn't put on any underwear.

    We arrive at the restaurant, we are few and we are installed at the back of the room. The meal takes place, we talk about us again. At dessert time, I begin to heat it under the table with my foot. He's surprised because it's clearly not my habit to do that, but he doesn't push me away. He smiles and encourages me to continue by stroking my leg. I rub his crotch but his jeans are too thick for me to really feel. He tells me he's starting to get a hard-on and he wants us to slip away. He asks me to wait a bit for the pressure to go down, he doesn't want his erection to be noticed.

    We go to the cinema, there again we are not much in the room and that suits me well.

    We sit in the last row. Once the light is off I pick up where I left off in the restaurant, and I begin to caress my man's crotch, gently. Nobody in front of us or on the sides, there is no risk of being seen so I undo his pants. I step out of my comfort zone to fulfill one of my fantasies, and seeing the enthusiasm and excitement it arouses in my man excites me even more.

    I take out his penis from his boxers, and I start to masturbate him. He whispers in my ear that he really wants to touch me too. I had put on a dress that I lifted up the front and took his hand so that he put it between my legs and went directly to my crotch. Access was easy because I hadn't put on panties, on purpose.

    He begins to caress me while I jerk him off. The film starts but the excitement is too strong. I like this forbidden side of the situation and I try to masturbate it. He wets his fingers to masturbate my pussy and starts putting one of his fingers inside me, but I don't like it too much, because I'm not really comfortable sitting next to him.

    When he gets very hard I move to come and put myself on top of him. I spread my legs well and I use his penis to caress my lips and my clitoris. Its wet lubricates my sex and raises my excitement. I do not return immediately and I still caress. His glans is smooth and I slide it over my clit as I would with one of my toys. He caresses my buttocks but does not intervene to let me take my pleasure in manipulating his cock. It is very stiff, I now want to feel it in me, I sit on him gently so that he sinks. I lean on the seat in front of us. The sound of the film covers the small noises that we could possibly make. But we try to be as discreet as possible.

    I go up, I go down, the feeling is crazy because the risk of being caught and being surprised increases the pressure and the excitement. I stop back and forth, it is still in me, I rely on him who begins to masturbate. I contract my perineum to squeeze his penis from the inside, and I move on him. He grabs my breast and kneads it. I turn to him to kiss him. It's really too good.

    He continues to masturbate me until I finally cum. But not him. I ask him if he's okay and if he doesn't blame me for having enjoyed without him. He tells me that not at all, that he is too happy and that he is happy to have done me good.

    We don't finish the film, since we had missed a good part and we go home. We still have a little time before the return of our daughter. I suggest my man to enjoy a little more and I tell him that I want to curl up against him. We talked about this crazy moment we lived together, he told me that he felt no frustration at not having enjoyed in the cinema and that he loved this moment. We kissed again, we warmed up again and we made love again on the couch. Like we haven't made love in years. This time he came and I didn't, and I was overjoyed that he enjoyed himself so much.

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