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    Confiance en soi

    I am a mother who has little self-confidence. I've been with the same man for 7 years and recently needed to prove to myself that I could still please.

    I physically changed after 3 pregnancies. I still take care of myself, but I'm clearly not the same anymore. My husband tells me that I'm still beautiful, but I want to feel it in the eyes of the other men I meet.

    I recently did something I never thought I would do: I joined Tinder.

    Basically it was to flatter my ego and I took a liking to it. I received requests, I was complimented on the photo I had put and one day it was a person I had not imagined who contacted me.

    After 2 weeks on the application, I am contacted by a man I know. He's a divorced father from school, who has his son in my daughter's class. We bumped into each other and just said hello. I admit that he did not leave me indifferent but being married, I was only observing from afar (and sometimes fantasizing). In short, we discuss via the application, he asks me why I am registered and I am honest with him, I tell him that I am there to boost my self-confidence. He replies that I don't need that, and that the application is full of men who will tell me that I am beautiful to sleep with me. 

    When he told me that I was a little offended, but he pulled himself together and told me that he had spotted me too and that I had absolutely no reason to doubt my beauty. We tease each other, I tell him he's telling me that to sleep with me and he replies that long before he saw me here he already wanted to sleep with me. I replied that it's flattering but that I really wasn't looking for that by registering on it. He tells me he didn't want to make me uncomfortable, I tell him that I'm not uncomfortable but that I could do something that I hadn't planned.

    We spend the evening talking and it gets hotter and hotter, we stop thinking that we could see each other in person occasionally for a coffee when we have dropped off the children.

    The opportunity arose two days later. We didn't have a coffee, we went to his house... And we didn't talk... 

    I didn't have time to understand: I barely saw him when I remembered the naughty discussions we had. I told him that I didn't usually do that but that I really wanted him. I approached and it was I who took the first step and kissed him. It had been years since I had felt this excitement and he was giving it back to me.

    He kissed me like no one had ever kissed me before, slowly and gently, his tongue was warm and he was leaning his chest against me. After a few minutes I could feel that it was hard on my thigh. I started rubbing against him first with my body, then with my hand over his pants. We continued to kiss and I undid his pants at the same time. I slipped my hand into his underwear to find that it was very hard. I started jerking him off. While shaking it we headed for the sofa in the living room. He sat down and I straddled him, still in my underpants. He touched my breasts, face, hair, he was so soft, I didn't expect such tenderness. I wet thoroughly and I had only one desire, it was that he takes care of me.

    I tell him again that I really want him, and he tells me that he really wants him too. He tells me to get comfortable and he's coming back. He had gone to get a condom. But before that he asks me if I would like to be licked. I confess to him shyly that I have never received this kind of caresses. He tells me he loves doing it and would be honored to show me what it feels like. I want to let go and let him take care of me.

    He knelt in front of me on the couch, lifted my legs, placed them on his shoulders and dipped his head to come and start gently stroking my vulva. From the first lick I felt a shiver of well-being but I couldn't completely let myself go. He gave me confidence by going slowly.

    He touched the right place without forgetting anything, he put a finger at me, then two and licked harder. I felt that my legs were shaking, I was hot but I wanted him to continue. I had an orgasm and I expelled it by pushing it away with my feet. He was so strong that I couldn't control myself.

    He got up to kiss me. I came to my senses, and the excitement returned quickly. We resumed the caresses, and this time it was I who gave it to him. He has a hard-on again, I wanted to suck him and let him penetrate me. 

    Once he was really hard, I got on all fours while he put on the condom. He penetrated me slowly, did not sink completely, tickled my vulva with his penis... I was waiting for him to come in... he was in me and barely a go and he came...

    I'm not going to lie, I was a little surprised but I didn't say anything to him, I thought to myself that we had heated up a lot before and that he had made me cum, so I didn't have to complain.

    After this prank, we made love again several times together, without my husband knowing about it and other parents not knowing about it at school. 

    Both of us are not looking to get into a relationship, we don't see each other all the time but it makes us feel good. We don't have to decide for the moment to put an end to it, we'll see later, for the moment we don't ask ourselves any questions.

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