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    Sunday morning

    Dimanche matin

    Sunday, it's 4 am, the children are still sleeping and none came into the room last night.

    I feel rested and very energized. I face my man and watch him sleep.

    Our room isn't completely dark, the light from a street lamp shines through the curtain and I can see his face.

    I stroke his beard, very gently. I remove my hand and see him smiling.

    I've been with my man for 15 years, we've been parents for 8 years and we know each other by heart.

    I don't need to say anything, I come closer and kiss the corner of his lips. He still has his eyes closed but grabs me to stick me to him. We sleep naked, I'm in direct contact with his erection.

    I continue to kiss her, stroking her cheek, I kiss her with my tongue, slowly, as if in slow motion. I am more and more excited.

    I go up my knees to rub his penis, he begins to move to accompany my gesture. He places his arm on my buttocks to caress them and dangerously approaches his hand to my vulva already soaked. He takes my ass and makes small circles with his finger, I have chills of pleasure. We keep kissing and it's building up the pressure. He finally reached her sex and started stroking the hairs and slowly inserting his finger to reach my clitoris.

    To facilitate his access I raise one leg, which I put on his leg. He massages me to perfection, he applies himself while he is no longer asleep at all, on the contrary.

    I take his hardened sex in my hand and I begin to jerk him off. We look each other straight in the eye to capture everyone's emotions. We don't turn away, we observe each other and the excitement rises even more.

    There is no sound except our quickening breaths. My man tells me that he wants me and that he likes this type of awakening.

    He is lying on his side and fits against me, his penis is now gripped between the lips of my pussy. He rubs his glans which slips alone so much I wet. His comings and goings are getting faster and faster, he grips my ass tightly, I tell him to take them even harder. I always kiss him, biting his lips. I want us to be one.

    I make sure that his penis slides into my vagina and at the first entrance, I feel it sinking perfectly, without any effort, and I can't help but let out a small gasp of pleasure. 

    We move in unison, our bodies are warm and sweaty. He ends up standing in front of me, I put my legs on his shoulders. He takes my thighs in the large hands to accompany his jerks.

    I raise my head slightly to  watch me move, I go crazy. I feel so good in this position. 

    The expression on his face changes, I know he is going to come and I feel that my orgasm is close too. I ask him to go faster, he complies. His accelerated movements eventually lead us to orgasm in unison. 

    We clean up and go back to bed for the two hours we have left before our little balls of energy land.

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