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    Double life

    Double vie

    I have been in a relationship with my man for 7 years. We have a blended family. He has a 17-year-old teenager and I have a 7-year-old daughter.

    We have our children in joint custody with our exes and it's going well.

    For several months, we have been leading a double life: my husband, a salesman, me, a bank executive by day and sex workers by night.

    We film ourselves during our antics and we sell our amateur videos to porn sites.

    Initially, we did this to satisfy our voyeur fantasies. From our first video, we had great feedback, so we posted several more and we had the same reactions.

    We don't film ourselves doing crazy things, but rather inviting the viewer into our daily lives, without artifice.

    The video that got the most views and really got me the most excited was posted three months ago.

    We always start by warming up a little off camera, and that morning, we were particularly hot. We hadn't had sex for a week and it didn't take long for us to find ourselves fondling each other.

    I told my man to wait for me so that I put the camera on and in the right place.

    I come back and put myself on top of him, who is lying on his back, removing the blanket he had on him. I start licking his penis, starting from the base and gently going up to his glans with my tongue. He already had his nice morning boner and I just had to continue massaging him with my mouth to satisfy him.

    I decide to turn around, so that he has a view of my ass and accesses my pussy, if he wanted to. It does not take long to attract me to him to start licking me. 

    I continue to deepthroat him and he takes care of my pussy by burying his head in me. I arch my back so it's nice. I let him eat me and take care of his balls.

    After masturbating each other, I turn to him again and position myself above his head for a face-sitting. My man loves this position as much as I do, I feel powerful, I let myself go completely. I wave on his mouth with a movement back and forth at the same time as he gives me a cunnilingus. I can't contain my cries. Him, take my buttocks with both hands to keep me in balance. I turn my head a little to see that his cock still band as much and it excites me even more.

    I move faster and faster, my excitement is at its peak. 

    My man tells me he won't be long and wants to take me doggy style. I put myself on my stomach, buttocks raised, with a pillow just below my pubis, totally submissive. Feeling his body on me excites me even more. I cling to the bed, he takes my ass firmly and slaps it vigorously. This last impulse makes me come so hard that I was able to offer a nice squirt to the people who will watch our video.

    With this video, we totaled  1 million views and gained a little notoriety, but above all made us want to film ourselves even more to share our intimate moments and our future experiences.

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