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    In unknown land

    En terre inconnue

    I gave birth 2 years ago.

    Although madly in love with my husband and with “average” sexual relations, I have never had an orgasm with him, or with others for that matter.

    I was not frustrated until now, because I told myself that one cannot have the lack of something that one does not know.

    I had never really masturbated either. By modesty and also by education (I come from a practicing family which had always given me a dirty vision of masturbation and a lack of respect towards her husband). I was completely conditioned but nothing made me realize that until a few weeks ago.

    I follow you on your Boobz account too and I had watched your live on sex toys and the stories you had made about it. And to be honest with you, hearing you talk about it with such ease made me question my whole sexuality. I think it was a good thing for me to have this trigger even if it upset me.

    I told myself that I had the right to indulge myself and I had the right to feel things and that it wouldn't make me a bad woman or wife to let myself go from time to time.

    At the end of your live which convinced me, I placed an order and bought my first sex toy. I went with the softer of the two you presented because I didn't yet know the true sensitivity of my clitoris, as I never touched it.

    A few days later I receive the package, discreetly and fortunately because I do not yet assume this purchase and I especially do not speak to my husband.

    The latter being absent it was also perfect.

    I was alone at home, my child in the crèche, my husband was working, I had free rein.

    After cleaning and loading my new toy, I settled into my bed. First with excitement, wondering what I was going to feel, if I was going to hurt, if I would do it correctly.

    I started my sex toy at minimum speed and already there I felt the first effects. A kind of small electric shock that ran through my clitoris, which was a new sensation for me. After a few seconds I decide to increase the power.

    And as you said, the vibrations were gentle and allowed me to rise to a crescendo of excitement.

    Arrived at the maximum power I feel in my clitoris like a sensation of heat which goes up along my belly, runs through my pelvis and goes down along my perineum. I want to moan but still contain myself out of modesty, even though I'm alone at home. Instead I hold one breast, more and more firmly as the sensations on my clitoris increase.

    I move the vibrator a little to be more comfortable and as soon as I move it I can't hold back this cry of pleasure. I immediately remove the vibrator because I feel my clitoris sensitive to its touch. Out of curiosity and to complete my experience, I pass my hand between my legs to see how swollen and lubricated my clitoris was.

    I believe that I have just experienced my first orgasm.

    I didn't stop there…I masturbated 3 more times that day and I allowed myself the right to moan at leisure these times…How good it was…and to think that I've been missing it for all these years.

    I haven't yet spoken to my husband about my acquisition and especially about my new passion... masturbation, when he's not there. Afraid of probably offending him or I'm afraid of the way he might look at me. But it's clear that our relationship in bed has changed since then. I feel like I'm more liberated and I also had my first orgasm with him.

    I'll talk to him about it one day, but I'll give myself time.

    But I wanted to thank you with this testimony, because you contributed, just with a live show, to making me question myself and to reclaim my sexuality and the vision of my female body.

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