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    Between two

    Entre deux

    I am 37 years old and I am a young mother of 4 year old twins. I have been in a relationship for 6 years and currently we cannot say that everything is going well.

    Our life as parents monopolizes us enormously and we only cross paths. We only talk about the children and we don't even look at each other anymore.

    Sex, when you have time, is more hygienic than romantic, a bit to tell yourself that we still have that to be close, but really the heart is not there.

    I don't know how to rekindle the flame, my man doesn't necessarily come to me either and the communication is almost broken.

    I tell myself that it's a phase, that it will come back, while thinking that it's starting to take a long time. I still love my husband despite everything, but at the same time I'm afraid we won't see each other again.

    Especially since for the past few weeks my thoughts have been directed towards another man.

    He works with me, we see each other regularly until we get closer. I feel that it could get out of hand, if my colleague made a gesture towards me….

    We turn around, we brush against each other, we look at each other insistently when we are not side by side, there is a real sexual tension.

    And a month ago, the limit was crossed...

    We continue our little staring games and when I find myself alone my colleague approaches me and tells me that I have to stop looking at him like that because I am having too many effects on him. 

    I'm flattered and I want to fully play his game and I tell him “And if I continue, what are you going to do to me? ". He takes me by the hand, since no one could see us, and brings me back to a hallway where we find ourselves alone. So I repeat to him, “What are you going to do to me if I don't stop looking at you? and he said to me, "I might be naughty and very excited." »

    It's getting too crazy and I hadn't expected what was going to happen, but we kiss. We start touching and groping everywhere. The pressure is mounting and with my colleague it is VERY visible through his fleece pants. It's not to displease me, but at this time we have to go back to work. We don't come out at the same time so that we don't suspect we were together and also give him time to loosen up.

    The rest of the day goes by, I have the image of what happened earlier in my head, my colleague in the viewfinder. The sexual tension is at its peak, but nothing more will happen...for today.

    He is absent the next day because on rest, but I receive messages from him. At the beginning of the innocuous messages which as our exchanges become more and more hot.

    I am thoroughly and I let myself be completely carried away by what is happening. At this moment it makes me feel good to flirt and to have the feeling of pleasing and existing as a woman and not only as a mother.

    The end of the day is coming and I get a final message from my colleague “Would you like to come home? ". He doesn't live far from our place of work, I hesitate for a second and send a message to my man: “I'll be home a little later, I'm going to have a drink with my colleagues”. Our daughters are with their grandparents, he won't be able to tell me to go home to be with them because he doesn't feel like managing them alone...

    Alibi found, I answer to my colleague that I join him at his place. I know very well what awaits me, but at that moment I think of nothing but myself.

    I arrive at his place, he welcomes me with a kiss, as if to get straight to the heart of the matter without waiting. I like it…

    He asks me what I want to drink, and we each have a glass of wine. We discuss work trivialities, like embroidering when we just want to jump on each other.

    He takes a step towards me and comes over, puts my drink on the table and starts kissing my neck. I laugh stupidly because it tickles me, but I quickly stop when he adds caresses to his kisses.

    He passes his hand under my sweater and has direct access to my chest because I never wear a bra. The combo of the two is irresistible and I succumb. I take over and take her face to kiss her. 

    I kiss her in a sensual way, putting my tongue there and playing with hers. He runs his hand through my hair and down my neck to grip it tightly. I love this gesture!

    I pass my hand between his legs and I see and especially I feel his erection. I drop his pants and take his penis in my hands. I look him straight in the eye as I start jerking him off. He bites his lips at the same time, I find him terribly sexy at this moment, so much so that I do something that I'm not used to doing on a first date…I start sucking him off.

    I apply myself to do so, I do not forget any part of his perfectly shaven penis and I scrutinize his reactions by looking at him while sucking him. His eyes roll back, he bites his lips to keep from moaning but it's stronger than him. I tell him to let go if he wants to moan loudly, that excites me more than anything. He no longer holds back, his cock hardens even more. I spit on his sex and suck it vigorously. 

    He then asks me to stop because he too wants to take care of me, but I stop him because leaving work and without having changed, I am not comfortable with the idea let him lick me.

    He then offers me to accompany him in the bathroom .. to shower together. I discover that it has a huge walk-in shower.

    I ask him not to get my hair wet, so that my husband doesn't suspect anything, and not to put soap on me or arouse my husband's suspicions with new smells.

    We both go into the shower stall, he watches me clean my pussy by licking his lips… I finish, he approaches me completely naked and erect again. He gets down on one knee and takes my leg to put it on his shoulder, brings his head up and starts licking me. I lose all my means and lean on his head. 

    He does it really well. I would like it to last, I could cum like that but he comes out of the shower to grab a condom which he puts on and caresses my buttocks before spreading them, to fit easily as I arch my back against one of the walls from the shower, bending down a little, for a deep penetration.

    He takes me by the hips and gives thrusts vigorously. I have my head back towards my belly, he takes my hair to pull them, suddenly I see my reflection in the mirror, through the glass with him behind my back, it excites me even more. I feel alive again. 

    I tell him that I am no longer comfortable in this position, we find ourselves in his bed, to end up in an energetic missionary. He ends up enjoying, I did not have time. I look at the time, it's very late and I think of my man who is at home. I tell him that I have to leave but that I liked the time we spent together.

    When I get home, I find my husband waiting for me. I can't keep this deception to myself and I confess everything to him. Strangely, my man didn't show any signs of jealousy at all, he listened to my story carefully. He admits to me at the end that he's happy that I confess this to him immediately afterwards and that I didn't fall into a spiral of lies that could have lasted for months, even years. We talked all night and he also admitted to me that he had already thought about opening up our relationship. This evening was rich in emotions and revelations. I thought we were going to move away but it was quite the opposite. We made love like we had never made love. My man was very excited when I told him all the details with my colleague.

    The next day, while we were still alone for a few hours, we made love again. We agreed to be able to see other people when we wanted to but we had to tell each other before, it was the only rule between us.

    My colleague has therefore become my business plan, it suits him very well too, I find a good balance and it has revived the couple I form with my husband. We've never made so much love since I had a lover. I tell him every time, and we even plan a threesome soon, with my colleague or another person. We'll see later, but I didn't think this story would breathe new life into my relationship, I don't regret it at all.

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