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    Getaway in the forest

    Escapade en forĂŞt

    We are parents of a 3 year old boy. The moments of being alone are sometimes a challenge.

    This summer we receive my husband's parents at home and we decide to go on a family outing and go for a picnic in the forest.

    We arrive on the scene, we find a place to settle down for a picnic.

    We unpack the stuff, and then my husband says something is missing and he needs to get back to the car to get it.

    He leaves and a few minutes later calls me to tell me that he forgot to take the keys and asks me to join him to bring them to him.

    I told my in-laws I was coming back soon and if they could stay with our son.

    So I head to the car and find my husband inside, sitting in the back.

    I quickly understand the idea behind his head and I warm up almost instantly. It had been a few days since we had made love and there we had the opportunity.

    So I don't waste time and I join him.

    We say to ourselves that we must not delay too long and that we must go directly to the goal.

    As it was broad daylight, we put on the sun visor covers so as not to be seen.

    My husband was already hard-on and I was very wet.

    I had on a little dress, took off my panties and impaled myself on top of him.

    Penetration was quick and easy.

    It didn't take long for us to come…in unison!

    I would say it lasted 5 minutes, but it was more than enough to get us going.

    We got out of the car, we tried to find something to bring back, so as not to arouse suspicion.

    We came back like nothing but more fulfilled than ever.

    It was the first time we fucked in a public place, but it clearly made us want to repeat the experience.

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