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    I'm a mom and I love ass!

    I'm not ashamed to say it but it seems like it's taboo to talk about it.

    Pregnant, I was very sexually active. I really enjoyed it, I had my best orgasms. Thanks to hormones!

    I remember a particularly "violent" one when I was in a shopping center with my wife, 3 years ago.

    I was 6 months pregnant and we were in a clothing store. I wanted to try on a dress.

    We go to the cabins, I ask if it's not embarrassing that I take the cabin for the disabled to be more comfortable inside. I am given permission.

    I go inside alone, and when closing the dress I find myself in difficulty to zip it up. I come out of the cabin to call my wife, and ask her if she can come and help me.

    She goes into the cabin, I turn around so that she closes the zip in my back. She comes over and kisses my neck.

    With the hormones going crazy it doesn't take much to turn me on. A crazy idea crosses my mind: I really want her to fuck me in this cabin.

    I ask again to receive a kiss..but not in the neck. She looks at me smiling, we're on the same wavelength.

    She begins to lower my panties and going up I see her moisten her fingers with her saliva. She begins to slip them under the dress and place them on my clitoris. I remain upright but I feel that I begin to waver so much these first caresses make me increase in pressure.

    In the cabin there was a small bench. My wife tells me to sit down. She takes care of everything.

    She kneels in front of me, puts one leg on her shoulder, I'm really good, leaning against the wall. My sex is completely offered to him.

    After tickling my clit with her fingers, she introduces a first. She looks me in the eyes to see how much I love what she does to me. She then plunges her head between my thighs to start lovingly and conscientiously licking my pussy.

    She spreads her lips, blows a little on my clit, licks it again, sucks it a little, while continuing to finger me.

    I squirm, I clench my teeth, we must not be heard. I cling to his head and caress it.

    She is really very talented...

    I tell her I'm about to cum, she takes her fingers out of my pussy and sticks her tongue in and back up on my clit.

    This last action is fatal…I cum and ejaculate…on the dress..

    I'm embarrassed but I had just experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of my life (I've had others since).

    We left the cabin, casually…leaving the dress (yes, it's not great, but I couldn't see myself explaining why it was soiled).

    Since I pass quickly in front of the shop but remembering this naughty moment lived with my darling.

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