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    teenage fantasy

    Fantasme adolescent

    I have been a young dad in a relationship for 12 years.

    I am very fulfilled sexually and very much in love with my wife.

    Like everyone else, I have fantasies, some more assumed than others.

    I still masturbate a lot, at least once a day, alone with my thoughts or while watching porn videos.

    Like a teenager afraid of being caught in the act, I do it when I'm home alone or when I'm sure everyone is sleeping soundly.

    Except that one night, then in full masturbation, I do not hear my wife coming behind my back. I have my headphones on.

    She opens the door to the office where I am. She sees my hands on sex, and me, looking at her stupidly as if I had been caught doing something serious.

    But there is nothing, on the contrary, she smiles at me and I see thanks to the light of the computer that her smile is rather mischievous. She then asks me if I need help or if I want to end up alone.

    Little teenage fantasy that comes true but with my wife. I tell him that of course I would like some help.

    She then approaches me, who is already at attention, and kneels in front of me. And she starts to suck me.

    I love that she takes my cock completely ... with my balls, it drives me crazy and she knows it perfectly.

    She applies herself, looks me in the eyes, that also drives me crazy. She still continues to lick me and stops.

    She gets up and asks me to follow her to go and settle in the sofa bed that is in the room.

    I lie down, she, naked under her long tank-dress, is positioned above my cock. She sandwiches it: she places my cock on her clit and locks it between her lips. I feel wet, she starts to do this rubbing and rubbing that excites me even more. She bends over me and raises her buttocks to continue rubbing her pussy on my cock. I so want to penetrate her but I let her take control. I approach my hands to her buttocks to grab them but she stops me by taking my arms and putting them above my head. It was frustrating for a moment but I loved that she forbade me access, I wanted her even more. She continues her comings and goings, being her "thing" makes me more and more pressured. She leans over again and kisses me passionately, biting my lips. My boner increases!

    Satisfied, she said to me: “Do you want to put it on for me? I feel like you can't take it anymore. »

    I look at her, limit begging while still enjoying her rubbing movements.

    She ends up letting go of my arms, I grab her buttocks, get up slightly to grab her breasts that had come out of the tank top. It's good !

    She arches her back with pleasure and ends up impaling herself on my cock. I make her move at the pace I want, she likes it. She contains her cries but I feel her shaking. She pinches my nipples, I pinch her buttocks and I succumb. We end up enjoying both.

    My wife admitted to me later that she had already seen me masturbate, that it had excited her but that she had not dared to interrupt me because she respected my intimate moments. She took the plunge last night because she had dreamed of doing this..

    Since then, we sometimes have little voyeurism sessions to warm up and when one or the other gets "caught" it always ends in a good fuck.

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