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    Happy hour on the riviera

    Happy hour sur la riviera

    Since becoming a mom my wild side has come out.

    I dare a lot more things and I feel much freer to do what I want.

    Before I was stuck and I did not assume some of my fantasies, but becoming a mother I wanted to break down some barriers.

    I feel desired by my man and I return him well.

    I want to tell my best memory of fucking, which dates from a few days ago.

    We stay with my husband's parents during the holidays. They live near Nice, it is particularly hot.

    We decide to leave the children to find each other, and spend a romantic evening.

    I'm getting ready: little slightly transparent dress, no bra and no panties... but I'm not telling anyone that.

    We decide to go for a drink before going to dinner.

    In the bar we sit at the counter, in a corner, near the wall.

    We order our drinks, we toast and we start talking about us. At some point I begin to lift my dress and spread my legs slightly. I ask my man to look down to let him see that my pussy was apparent.

    I see him at the same time embarrassed but also pleasantly surprised. He looks around to check that no one can see us, starting to lower my dress a little. I stop him by telling him that I don't care if anyone sees us and that on the contrary it excites me that they can surprise us.

    He goes from a worried look to a lustful look. So I raise my dress and I invite him to put his hand between my legs, so that he feels that I already wet a lot. I tell him that I want him to finger me and that I will be discreet "I promise I won't shout if you do me good".

    I didn't need to ask him twice, he already had two fingers inside me. He starts massaging me when a man sits right next to us. I see him glaring in our direction and smiling seeing what is happening. I'm sure he has a bird's eye view of everything that's going on, I spread my thighs even more, I don't hold back to show on my face that I'm enjoying myself.

    My husband has his back to this man and does not know that he is watching us. He is focused on fingering me assiduously.

    It really excites me to be observed by a stranger.

    And there I see that the man pulls out his cock and begins to masturbate ... He too could very well have been caught. He looks at me intensely, I get off and just looking at me makes me come on my man's fingers.

    My man withdraws and is delighted to have made me enjoy this way. He tells me that he is very excited too and that he really wants me.

    The man behind us still masturbates, my husband still does not pick up and I still want to prolong the excitement of this stranger by giving pleasure to my man.

    The bar is made in such a way that you can't see what can happen if I bend down. I shift the seat slightly so that the stranger can better see what I'm doing to my husband.

    I start stroking my man's cock, which was already very hard and which was very visible through his little Chino (he's very well hung so it wasn't discreet). I unbutton it to get out his member. I bend down to start a blowjob as he likes them. I take his entire cock in my mouth, I make small tongue movements, I look him in the eye. I also take out his balls because he loves it when I lick them and take them in my mouth. I try to be as discreet as possible and I ask him not to moan because he was starting to squeal.

    My husband is in full swing and I even have the impression that he forgets where we are. While sucking I see if the stranger mate us and if he continues to jerk off. It's always like that…

    The man also enjoys, greets me and leaves.. To believe that he was there for that lol

    I stop sucking my man. We finish our drink.

    On the way to the restaurant, very excited by our foreplay in public, we jump on each other in a hidden corner of a street. A doggy standing and bestial that ended with an ejaculation on my buttocks.

    We got home, still super hot. We made love again the same evening.

    I thought back to this voyeur. I never told my man that we were being watched and that's what made me come so hard. But my god that was my best fucking memory so far.

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