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    Happy Birthday

    Joyeux anniversaire

    I am a 37-year-old mother and have been in a relationship for 19 years with my 43-year-old man.

    He was my first love and I only knew him.

    I'm not sexually dissatisfied, but I sometimes tell myself that I'd like to see what it looks like elsewhere, just out of curiosity and wanting to have a point of comparison. 

    I finally learned everything with my husband. He knew other girls before me, but on my side, I was virgin of any sexual experience and love.

    I often thought about it until I met Loïc at a family meal.

    Meet for a cousin's birthday at my grandparents' big house. I took my son, who is 14, but my husband didn't want to go.

    When we got there, the whole family was there. There were a few faces that I didn't recognize. 

    My cousin was celebrating his 25th birthday and for the occasion he had invited one of his best friends, Loïc, 24 years old.

    The evening passed, my son made his living on his side with his other cousins ​​and I was sitting at the table, while the other guests were dancing.

    Loïc joined me, sat next to me and we started talking. The current passed well between us. 

    Around 1am, the last guests went home, I stayed to sleep there and my son was already in his room.

    Loïc also stayed and we found ourselves alone while everyone was sleeping in the house.

    We sat in an office to continue talking and not disturb anyone.

    We were quite drunk. We got closer, I told him with a half-joke that I was a MILF and that I would love to have a little kid. He replied that he would like to fuck an experienced woman. I confessed to him that I had only made love with my husband, but that it was a real fantasy for me to taste another body.

    Nothing prevented us from letting go, the office door was closed, the house was asleep and I wanted to jump on him.

    We were sitting on the floor, side by side. I took the step towards him, I had confidence (I think I had this courage thanks to alcohol) and I started to take his head to kiss him. He was more than receptive and kissed me back. He kissed really well, despite our condition, I felt he was in control. 

    Loic took things in hand, put his hand behind my neck and kissed me, going up his hands on my neck to the base of my hair. The shivers resumed and the excitement mounted.

    I challenged myself to be that powerful woman, leading the dance with that younger man. I turned it over to get on top of it. Loïc let himself go without resistance, as if he knew what was going to happen. I sat on him and took off his top to discover a muscular and toned torso, just the opposite of my husband's...

    I kissed him all over, licked his nipples as he stroked me and undressed me too. I found myself facing him, chest in the air, my breasts in his mouth. He tasted them and tickled them with the tip of his tongue.

    I could have enjoyed just with this massage ... I rubbed my pubis against hers and I felt it swell. I decided to unbutton his pants.

    I took him off, sliding his boxers down at the same time. I then saw his member emerge hardens and drawn up to his belly. In every way, it had nothing to do with that of my man. 

    I couldn't help but compare, he was the second man I was about to have sex with and so far I wasn't disappointed...

    He was neat, his pubis was maintained and I had an irrepressible urge to take it in my mouth. I didn't ask him anything, I complied.

    The pants removed, he was all mine: I went up to his cock and started to swallow him directly, looking him in the eye. I saw surprise but above all pleasure in his eyes. I went up and down slowly, I accelerated when I heard him blow harder. He gave me a "You're doing it too well" which galvanized me even more.

    I didn't just suck his cock, I swallowed his balls massaging his perineum while jerking him off. I had the right to moans that excited me so much. There again, I was served, because my husband is silent and there my lover for a night was having a field day expressing his pleasure…it was so good!

    I was completely invested in my mission, when suddenly Loïc said to me "I'm going to enjoy there...", I didn't stop, I wanted to help him to enjoy. He apologized for having come before he could make love to me, but strangely I felt a satisfaction of having been able to give pleasure to someone other than my husband, so I did not hold it against him. rigor.

    We stayed pose together, we continued to talk and we debriefed on what had just happened. I told him that I had never done that before, that it was the first time that I cheated on my husband. And he said, “Is sucking really cheating? ". This question fueled a debate and … got us all fired up again.

    He told me that he would have liked to taste me, that it was a fantasy for him to make love to a woman older than him, but that he had never had the opportunity before that night, and that he didn't want to miss his chance.

    I felt more woman and wanted than ever, I told her “So go ahead, I'm here. ". It was on for round number 2!

    But this time it was my young lover who was in charge, I completely surrendered to him.

    The alcohol was starting to wear off, but the excitement was still there. I really wanted his cock to penetrate me after sucking it.

    I didn't want it to take too long either, it was getting late and the risk of someone waking up was greater.

    Nevertheless, he did things well. He put me on my back, wet his fingers and started fingering me, remembering to touch my clitoris. I squirmed with pleasure, he was going faster and faster, I was so hot it's good.

    I wanted him to take me, I also saw that he wanted to take me, his pole was visible through his boxers. I asked him if he had a condom. Fortunately he answered me yes, he put it on and began to take me as a missionary. I felt good, I led the movement taking his buttocks in my hands and leaning on me to feel him more deeply.

    He moved wonderfully, once quickly, then more slowly, withdrew to return abruptly, I was in a trance. I touched myself at the same time to increase the pleasure.

    I offered to put my legs on his shoulders. He did, I felt his cock so deeply this time that I let out a little cry that startled him. I told him that I felt so good that I couldn't help moaning. I could enjoy the sight of the "V" of her sculpted lower belly, moving inside me. He moaned so much that my excitement was at its peak. It took me a few minutes to come, just before him. 

    It was perfect because unexpected. 

    I often think back to that first meeting with the man who is now my clandestine lover.

    I discover different pleasures, we don't worry about each other, we don't promise anything, it's only physical and that's all I need.

    I think that if one day Loïc attaches I will move away but that, only the future will tell us, for the moment we take advantage of each other.

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