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    The world is small

    Le monde est petit

    Mom of a 2-year-old boy, I have been separated from my dad for 11 months.

    We broke up because he cheated on me, and it wasn't the first time.

    There was a first separation, at the beginning of my pregnancy and I wanted to give her a chance, especially for our child to come. The second time was too many.

    This deception completely undermined the little confidence I had in myself.

    It took me a while to think about myself. I devoted myself 100% to my child. I work from home, I am self-employed, so I had arranged my time to be present for my son. As I breastfeed, at the beginning we had decided with his father not to do joint custody but that he take it during the day and as I grew up, I pumped my milk so that he could give it to her in my absence.

    I forbade myself to think about love because I didn't want to be disappointed again. With a child, I didn't want to impose too many changes on him. But I learned that you are not always in control of your actions.

    When we separated, we decided to vacate the apartment we had together with my ex.

    I got closer to my family, I didn't want to find myself alone in this ordeal.

    I found a three-bedroom apartment in a small building in the town where I was in high school.

    During the first weeks I didn't really meet my neighbors and I admit that I wasn't too interested. I was leading my little life as a single mom.

    But one day, going downstairs to get my mail while my son was at my parents' house, I ran into a new neighbour.

    I was shocked when I discovered his face. It was about my first love: Arnaud. I dated him from 15 to 17. I had made my first time with him, but we had separated and lost touch when I left to study in another city.

    He also recognized me right away, he was just as surprised. He told me that he lived 3 floors above mine and that he lived alone after his separation.

    We thought the world was really small. It did something to me to see him again.

    I had to go back to work so I did not linger but I offered to meet him for a coffee on occasion.

    A few days passed, we ran into each other again in the stairwell, again when the mail was being picked up. We were on the weekend, my son was at his father's. I proposed to Arnaud to come and have this coffee and invited him to my place.

    We settled in my living room, on my sofa. A little espresso and discussions about our lives, and I thought to myself that I found Arnaud really very charming. I was 15 again and still felt drawn to my first love. I didn't tell him anything.

    He, on the other hand, did not bother. He told me that as soon as he ran into me for the first time, all his high school memories came flooding back. He told me that he thought I was really beautiful and that he couldn't stop thinking about me.

    On the one hand, I no longer knew where to put myself, on the other I was flattered by all these compliments which boosted my ego bruised by the story with my ex.

    I didn't want to tell him right away that it was mutual, I was protecting myself and didn't want to suffer again.

    We parted ways with a strong kiss and a hug. We said we would try to see each other soon. I told him that we could plan something the following weekend because my son would not be there.

    I dreaded the next meeting with Arnaud, but at the same time, I was upset because it was the first time that I felt these little butterflies, in my lower abdomen, when I thought of another man, which didn't bother me. hadn't happened for months.

    We agreed to meet on a Saturday evening to go to dinner and then go to the cinema. I had made myself beautiful for the occasion and I was happy that he pointed it out to me.

    After a really perfect meal, we went to the cinema, where there weren't many of us in the room.

    The lights barely turned off, Arnaud approached me. I had a lump in my stomach but it was nice and I let myself go. Over the course of the film, our hands became more and more wandering and we ended up kissing like the two teenagers who had left each other earlier. I had not forgotten his lips and his tongue. He even got better with time.

    We kissed passionately and we forgot that we were at the cinema. My hands caressed his chest and went under his t-shirt. I enjoyed touching his abs and his hairy chest. I ran my fingers over her nipples and felt them harden completely. I continued my exploration. He whispered in my ear that I excited him terribly and that he had a hard-on. At these words, the desire rose in me and I was delighted to want to fuck again, after months of dead calm.

    I reached down and stroked the bump I felt through his pants, continuing to kiss him. He was caressing my body as well, passing his soft hands under my shirt. I had shivers that ran through my whole body.

    I unbuttoned his pants to take out his sex and I started jerking him off gently. He did the same and slipped his fingers into my panties to start playing with my clitoris, which he found very easily. We went at the same pace in our movements, and we continued to kiss languidly. He told me “I like how wet you are, you can't know how much I want you now”, I answered him “Go ahead, take me right away”. I was surprised to say it, but I was so hot and the moment was so perfect that I let myself go completely.

    I let him go and took his hand out of my panties, I got up and asked him to join me.

    I waited for him at the exit of the room, before the film was finished, anyway we hadn't been following much for a while.

    I asked Arnaud if he had a condom on him, he replied that he had what was needed in his wallet. I didn't think and dragged him to the women's room. We ended up in a cubicle and I literally jumped on him. I unbuttoned his pants and discovered that he still had a hard-on, good and strong. His cock was prettier than I remembered. Without waiting, I took it in my mouth and started sucking it. I looked him straight in the eye, I had confidence in myself with him and he returned it to me well. He was moving inside me and blowing hard. We forgot that we could be surprised...

    He ended up putting on his condom, and turned me around to take me doggy style. I was lubricated to death and I had my fun when suddenly the bathroom door opened.

    I didn't know if we were heard, we stopped, long enough not to hear anyone. Arnaud remained in me. As soon as we heard the door slam again we resumed, putting on a kick of the accelerator. His thrusts were powerful, he was going faster and faster and I helped him by moving with him, making circular movements with my pelvis. He went deep into me, and when I came, took my upper arms to block them and suddenly came… but not me.

    Arnaud blamed himself, I reassured him by telling him that I had a great time with him and that I didn't regret what had happened.

    On returning home, and I felt that Arnaud was wrong for not having made me come. I invited him over for a last drink and we warmed up again. This time he told me he was taking care of me. I had the right to cunnilingus which had reassured me about the return of my libido. I came in minutes.

    We made love again that night and woke up together the next day.

    We have seen each other several times since that evening and we gave each other a chance.

    We've been together ever since and I'm rediscovering a new sexuality in respect, sharing and love with him.

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