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    The dream of a lifetime

    Le rêve d'une vie

    With my companion, we have been in a relationship for 8 years and we had difficulty having a child.

    We went through various processes, hormonal treatments, I was even told that I would certainly never get pregnant and to consider other ways to access motherhood.

    Sex had become mechanical, we only made love to try to conceive, at a fixed time and day.

    Romanticism and spontaneity were no longer part of our daily lives.

    After years of trials, miscarriages, false hopes, disillusionment, we resolve to consider a life without children. I had trouble with the idea of ​​adopting. I wanted to carry this child inside me, I wanted to feel what I had already felt a little, it was still hard for me.

    We decide to move on and resume the course of our lives.

    The months pass, we organize a romantic weekend for our 8th anniversary. My darling reserves a room in a beautiful domain in Ardèche.

    We arrive in this huge and magnificent place, where we have the feeling of being alone. The host of the domain receives us. Takes us around the owner, showing us where all the strategic points were: the spa, the place where we can get a massage, the large garden where we could picnic if we felt like it. .

    We thank our host and head to our room. A room similar to the one I have seen in castles. A canopy bed, very high and large enough. An old-fashioned pedestal bathtub at the end of the room. A large mirror overlooking the bed… Everything so that we can spend a pleasant weekend.

    My man tells me that he has a first surprise in store for us; a masseuse came especially for us and that I have to get ready because she is already waiting for me. He will then pass.

    So I put on my bathing suit and go to where the masseuse is. I had the right to one hour of a complete Ayurvedic massage. I was absolutely relaxed, clear-headed and serene.

    I go into the bedroom and I tell my darling that it's his turn. For him it only lasted half an hour but instead of calming and relaxing him, when he came back to his room he was completely excited.

    I was waiting for her on the bed, naked and oiled up, from my massage. I didn't expect anything by being like this. I see him come back with a small smile.

    He approaches me, tells me to get up and put my hand under his bathrobe. I feel that he has a good boner. I look at him, surprised and I ask him how come he is in this state.

    He replies that when the masseuse touched him, he started to get a hard-on, but it wasn't her who turned him on, just the fact of being touched not far from his penis, the slow movements, the oil and the atmosphere that had completely made him let go.

    He hopes I'm not upset. I tell her that these are normal reactions and that I am not jealous at all.

    I then take the opportunity to prolong the effect of the massage. I ask him to join me in bed.

    Him lying on his back, me astride him, giving him a perfect view of my buttocks and the right place to take care of his still erect penis.

    I start to get to work taking his cock in my hands. I lean over to gently lick his glans, making small circles with my tongue all around. I continue by licking its base and going up slowly, especially not forgetting to massage the balls at the same time. I make ample back and forth playing at the same time with my tongue.

    I feel that he stiffens more and more, I turn to see his reaction, he bites his lips with pleasure. I continue to work on it in the body. I also see myself in the mirror trying to take it in the mouth and it excites me all the more.

    I feel him playing with my clitoris while I suck him. The combination of the two only amplifies my pleasure.

    Monsieur is adventurous and massages my anus at the same time. I then discover an area that I did not know was so sensitive. The feeling was really very pleasant.

    I turn and find myself putting myself on his head for him to lick me this time. He plays with my lips and introduces his tongue into my vagina. I push small cries so much it is good. It feels strange to have sex with him for the first time, after months of planned sex.

    It feels so good to let go and think of nothing but giving each other pleasure.

    At the same time as he licks me I see that he is masturbating, I don't want him to come, I want to feel him deep inside me.

    I retire to go impale myself on her sex. I was lubricated like never before, that too, it hadn't happened to me for a long time ... I rub my clitoris at the same time on the lower abdomen, I'm on the verge of enjoying. I'm in a trance, I don't recognize myself. I want to scream with pleasure, I ask my man to take me by the neck and keep me ... strong ... I go faster and faster on him, I breathe hard and fast, too. He tells me that he will soon enjoy, I tell him that I too. We look each other straight in the eye and moan together. I feel his little jerks. He enjoyed in me, I also contract, my clit is pounding.

    We are fine, we fall asleep for a few hours.

    We took advantage of this weekend, we made love again 3 times. We really wanted each other. We found ourselves like the loving and passionate couple we had been before all these unfortunate experiences. We said “I love you” several times too and how good we were together.

    We came back and resumed our lives.

    A month later I don't feel well. I'm dizzy, I feel nauseous, I'm afraid I've caught something nasty or a bad gastro. I go to the doctor who tells me it's not that, tells me it might be viral and to rest.

    Three months go by and I still have these symptoms, and a missed period. I start to worry and I make an appointment with my midwife. She prescribed me a blood test to check.

    The result comes 2 days later…I have been pregnant for three months, which corresponded to our weekend in Ardèche.

    I cried with joy thinking about the sacrifices and all those professionals who told me that I would never have children.

    I am happy to have let go and to have found myself with my darling.

    We are waiting for our little miracle for December and we are more than satisfied.

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