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    Park friendships

    Les amitiés du parc

    To introduce myself: I am 31 years old, mother of a little boy over a year old.

    After 10 years of an emotional elevator relationship, here I am, a single mom for about 6 months.

    Dynamic and playful by nature, I don't let myself be discouraged and on the advice of my sister, I register on a dating site to get out of my daily "metro work baby".

    The discussions are linked, the virtual meetings, the visios etc… but nothing that manages to excite me or awaken in me the desire to go from the virtual to the real. So I tell myself that this may not be the time and that I just need to be alone.

    The weeks pass and here comes the good weather and the first steps of my son. Despite my busy schedule, I go regularly to the park in my neighborhood and over the days I meet super nice moms and nannies.

    The contact goes more particularly with Lucie, 22 years old and babysitter of a little one who is the age of my son. She is studying law, like me a few years ago. We have a good laugh so we ended up exchanging our numbers.

    We talk to each other quickly at first and then we end up spending hours in the evening texting each other, commenting on our Netflix series live, etc.

    A bond begins to form naturally. We discuss all subjects without taboo.

    These exchanges take me out of my daily life and also remind me of my high school years when I had a rather sassy group of friends.

    We tease each other, we exchange “innocent” nudes under the cover of “Mash look at the state of my breasts since breastfeeding” or her telling me “Mash the beautician missed my metro ticket”.

    Both passionate about cinema, we take advantage of an evening when she doesn't work and during which my son is at his father's, to go out with the girls.

    And there we challenge ourselves to put ourselves to the max as if we had “a date”. It makes me smile because indeed it's been a long time since I had dressed myself up to feel desirable.

    So I choose a sexy little burgundy dress, and put on a little soft velvet thong underneath that I love. I put on my shoes and here I am in front of the cinema.

    She was also super well dressed, with a super plunging neckline.

    Arrivals in the room we settle at the top to start. Since there was no one there yet, we chat, we laugh and we comment on our outfits.

    When suddenly the light goes out. The movie is about to start. We have the room to ourselves!

    I finish the discussion by telling him that I have under my dress my special hot date panties.

    She laughs and says to me “Ah good? What's special about her? Can I see her ?? »

    I reply “No!! But you can touch!! »

    She slips her fingers under my dress and I feel her shudder on contact with the velvet.

    Me too, these touches awaken an excitement in me.

    She said to me “Olalala what sweetness! It makes you want to discover what is beyond. »

    I said to him “Go ahead then explore!! »

    And there she slips her fingers under my panties and begins to caress my clitoris.

    At that time, I felt a heat throughout my body and a crazy excitement. I couldn't help but grab her breasts to caress them.

    She continues and while kissing me, slips into me two fingers then three. I let myself go in this hot moment, I bring her breasts to my mouth to suck them. I slide my hand under her dress and I see that she is all wet.

    I try to keep a low profile but can't help moaning with pleasure.

    She looks at me and says "I really want to lick you!" I can?! »

    I said yes and there she is on all fours, between the armchairs, in the dark, she spreads my thighs, then my thong to taste my pussy.

    It is so good!! It's been a long time since I've experienced such excitement.

    After a few minutes I moaned with pleasure.

    We continue to warm up, I finger her in my turn until she floods my fingers during an explosive final enjoyment.

    A small noise is then heard like a door opening. Quickly we manage and we settle down as if nothing had happened.

    The film ends, we each go our separate ways.

    Since then we see each other again in the park from time to time and more if affinity some evenings.

    And I had to go watch the film again with my sister some time later because in the end I hadn't followed anything.

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