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    The unexpected guest

    L'invité inattendu

    I am 37 years old and I am a mother of two children, 7 years old and 1 year old.

    The story that I am going to tell dates back to 3 years ago already. I had been with a man for 10 years and since my first pregnancy he no longer looked at me, hardly touched me anymore and we were slowly drifting apart. I was extremely frustrated and felt alone. I felt ugly and more desirable. In short, nothing was right.

    During the summer holidays, our son was with his grandparents for a few weeks, so I was alone with my ex. It could have been an opportunity to meet again, but no, he had planned something quite different. He went out regularly (without me) and he had welcomed his 21-year-old nephew at home without consulting me first.

    I didn't know this nephew very well, I had seen him a few times at family meals but nothing more. I was angry with him for coming and being with us at the start, but very quickly our relationship changed.

    One evening, we all sat down in front of the TV to watch a movie and my ex told us that he was exhausted and that he was going to bed. So I was left alone with her nephew, who was sitting across from me.

    A few minutes later, we start talking together and there he tells me that he shouldn't tell me that but that he finds me really very exciting. I don't know what to say, but deep down, I'm very flattered because I haven't been complimented in years. And he adds that he would have tried something with me if I weren't his uncle's girlfriend.

    Frankly, I hadn't been touched for weeks and these few words were enough to excite me and tell me “Come on, I don't care! ". I told him to join me on the sofa where I was. Once seated next to me he started kissing my neck and I caressed his crotch, which was already swelling. We kissed languidly, it was already really good. I missed it so much.

    I then knelt in front of him, unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock.

    He stops me and says “I'm still a virgin but I really want you”, I was reassuring and I told him not to worry and that I was taking care of everything.

    I started sucking him playing with his balls, he was gesticulating with pleasure and starting to moan, I told him not to make too much noise so as not to wake my uncle. But it was too good to see the effect my pipe had on him. He came in my mouth within seconds. He apologized for going quickly but I was happy to have given him pleasure.

    We continued to touch then he masturbated me. He was a bit clumsy but I was guiding him and it was quite enjoyable. By touching me I saw him bend again. I really wanted him to penetrate me but I was afraid that we would get caught this time.

    We continued to his bedroom, which was on the first floor.

    He had condoms (just in case) and after I put them on, he tells me he's always wanted to try doggy style. Me it suited me completely, it's my favorite position.

    It only took a few thrusts for us both to come again, my cries muffled into the pillow.

    I left his room to join mine.

    I realized last night that I didn't want this life anymore. I had never cheated on my husband but tonight I felt alive and desirable again.

    Her nephew left a few days later, we slept together a few more times.

    I separated from my ex at the end of the holidays.

    A few months later I saw his nephew again, we got together and had a child.

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