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    sleep massage

    Massage dormitif

    This story isn't exactly racy, but I'm so excited I want to shout it from the rooftops!

    My partner and I discussed a long time ago whether we were comfortable or interested in doing rimming. I didn't know if I would like to give or receive, and if I would have benefited from it at the time. Basically, we decided that if and when the opportunity or the desire naturally presented itself, we could try it.

    And she showed up last night.

    I was well past my usual bedtime, but I really felt like I needed to cum before I fell asleep. I asked my partner if he was interested in helping me - usually I get an immediate "yes", but he was clearly tired too. After reflection, he accepted.

    Often he puts moisturizer on my back and buttocks when I get out of the shower (upper back because I can't reach it, buttocks because he likes it, lol). I lay on my stomach as usual and he started rubbing my shoulders on his way down. He certainly spent more time than usual massaging my ass and even rubbing lower on my thighs, then he started spreading my legs a little and brushing my vulva lips.

    These caresses, touches and massages lasted for a while, then I started to feel his lips on my skin as well. He used a hand on my clit while kissing the back of my thighs and my ass. His other hand firmly gripped my buttocks and spread them to access my anus.

    I was so relaxed that I barely felt the first lick. It was so nice and sweet. On the third or fourth lick, I was like, "Is he licking my asshole??". I forgot all my fears. I didn't care, I didn't want it to end. From then on I was a sex goddess, moaning, squirming mindlessly.

    I have no idea how long it lasted. All I can say is that it was wonderful. Not too fast or too hard, just perfectly timed, hard licks that got me wet and writhing on my stomach, face buried in my pillow.

    My man grabbed a towel to place under me and my ass so his hands could rest. After some more licking I was about to cum and he decided to just use the tip of his thumb in my ass. I was on cloud nine. I got up on my knees and started to masturbate with my vibrator. After finding the right spot, I immediately came.

    I again collapsed on my stomach and I was very pleasantly surprised by the tail of my man close to the opening of my sex. He slowly slid it into my pussy and it was a perfect extension of the pure bliss experienced just minutes earlier – not too tight, not too loose, just perfectly filled. It didn't take long for him to cum all over my ass.

    I felt so satisfied and relaxed that I was speechless. I usually don't sleep well (especially since becoming a mom) if I have an orgasm right before bed I can have a really good night. After a quick trip to the bathroom, I fell asleep straight away, going over every little detail of that moment in my head.

    Today, I feel like I have this sexy little secret, but I just want to say to everyone I meet, "I had my ass licked last night and I loved it!" .

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