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    Not the right time

    Pas le bon moment

    We have been a couple for 5 years and happy parents of a 28 month old baby. 

    For some time now, not a day has gone by where I don't want to make love with my husband. Each movement is a pretext to brush it, touch it...

    My little indulgence is making him hard in places where he shouldn't be hard. It excites me terribly.

    And the last time I did that was while shopping, waiting to checkout. We didn't have our son who had stayed with my mother for the afternoon.

    We hadn't made love for a few weeks, for lack of time and opportunity to meet again, and the sexual tension was at its height on my side.

    From shelf to shelf I fiddled with him, he liked it and told me that I had to be careful that he didn't take me in the middle of the store. We really wanted each other. Arrived at the checkout, I pretend to look for his wallet in his pocket. He had a pair of sweatpants, I knew he had nothing in his pockets, but he played the game of my vice. I slip my hand and I take the opportunity to touch it too. It did not miss, in a few seconds I begin to see that he begins to bend. I look at him smiling and he tries to hide his nascent cudgel.

    We quickly go through our shopping and leave the store. His early erection is back down but I'm super excited, and once in front of our car I kiss my man languidly, which has an immediate effect. His cudgel came back stronger. I tell him that I really want to suck him off in the parking lot. He laughs telling me that we couldn't do it here, we'd get grilled too quickly.

    I'm a little disappointed that he doesn't want to take the risk, but I understand. We get in the car to go home, it's the gentleman who drives. I'm still in a naughty mood and I decide to masturbate him. 

    He has a hard-on so hard that I ask him to find a place where no one could surprise us. I tell him that I want to do it now, because I didn't know if we would have time once we got home with the little one.

    We stop on a country lane, out of sight. And there it goes! I so wanted to suck it, I ask him to lower his seat and I lean on him. I take it in the mouth greedily, while it relaxes. He begins to moan, which has the gift to excite me even more. He encourages me by telling me that what I do to him gives him a lot of pleasure, that he loves me. It hardens more and more in my mouth, I literally eat his cock. I also take care of his balls and I come back to swallow his sex. I want to be slutty with him, no one to interrupt us. 

    He asks me to go to the back of the car. During this time he raises the seat, his jogging and goes in turn to the back. He lays me down on the bench, lowers my pants and my panties and plunges his head between my thighs. He begins to lick me, as he knows how to do so well, but given the context, this sunna had a particular taste and even more exciting than usual. He shoves a finger at the same time as he plays with my clit, while watching me get off. His lustful gaze as he licks me up a notch.

    I don't know if it was the fact of being outdoors, having little time and having to hurry for fear of being seen that made us feel as hot as ever.

    I wanted to be penetrated and he was just waiting for that. I didn't want to be lying down, I wanted him to grab my ass. I started on all fours for him to take me doggy style. 

    I'm quite loud when I have sex, and since we have a child I have considerably reduced the moans, so there, since we were outside, I let go. 

    I felt him inside me so well, he was pinching my ass, gripping my hips and accelerating the thrusts. We came a few seconds apart, we kissed and we went back to the front of the car.

    We're not used to making love in public, I was just having fun making him hard but this little moment gave us other ideas and spiced up our reunion.

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