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    Mom and in a relationship for 10 years with the father of my child, I discovered myself sexually with him.

    3 years ago, I had an abortion, after my first pregnancy. The latter was carefully thought out, I had made the decision and mentally I was completely serene with this choice.

    With my partner, we didn't want another child and during this period, we also opened up quite a bit to each other about our sexual expectations and our fantasies.

    With a child, we had already revised our vision of sexuality quite a bit. Before becoming parents, paradoxically, we were quite modest on these issues. But our life experiences have led us to completely deconstruct ourselves.

    And this deconstruction led us to address a subject that had long been taboo and taken as a joke when we talked about it: the practice of anal.

    My man confessed to me that he sometimes masturbates while fingering himself and feels pleasure, but that he was ashamed to tell me about this desire, for fear of shocking or disgusting me. He also confided in me that he wanted me to finger him in turn, but that he would understand that it didn't turn me on. At the time, I couldn't see myself doing it, I had never tested it with other partners and I was afraid of not knowing how to do it. But this discussion still swirled around in my head. The desire to realize one of his fantasies and to please him was strong.

    The day of the abortion arrives, it is a drug intake. We are not at home, we spend a few days with my mother-in-law who offered to babysit our child and relieve us at this level.

    The doctor who prescribed me the outlet told me that post-abortion reports could only resume after 15 days.

    As I said, the pre-abortion period had absolutely no effect on my libido. On the contrary, I had the pregnancy hormones in place (and the nausea that goes with it) but it increased my pleasure tenfold. I knew how it would end and psychologically I was more than ready.

    Two days later, the abortion was done. We find ourselves alone in my mother-in-law's big house. The latter had gone for a walk with our child.

    With my man, we are posed in the bed. Huddled together, talking about the last 48 hours. My man makes sure everything is fine for me, is very considerate and caring. I am well in his arms, the emotional intensity of the previous days, goes down a little.

    A discussion leading to another we talk about his desire and he asks me what my fantasies are. I'm pretty classic in what I like and I tell her that I would like to have a threesome with another woman one day.

    Under the blanket, I'm in panties and he's naked. At the mention of my fantasy, combined with contact with the skin of my thigh, I begin to feel it hard on my leg.

    I approach him, to stick me even more, and we begin to kiss languidly. This language game takes the pressure to the next level.

    My man begins to pass his hand under my t-shirt to caress my chest and I begin to jerk him off under the duvet, while kissing.

    I was very excited but following the events, I didn't feel like being touched any lower, I preferred to wait, and my man understood that very well. I wanted, on the other hand, to do him good.

    Approaching even more, I begin to lift her leg so I can caress her buttocks. I start stroking the top of his parting and I see that he likes it. Before this area was PROHIBITED!

    I continue my exploration, going down while stroking this area, I caress her buttocks at the same time. I begin to pass my index finger over his intergluteal groove to massage this place.

    I thought I was repelled but it excites me to see him take so much pleasure. I forget all my apprehensions, it happens naturally and spontaneously. Everything I like.

    I get to his anus and ask him if he likes what I'm doing to him. He gives me the procedure to follow, but we remain shy for the first time. I only massage her outside but the pleasure is already great. He has a hard-on, lets himself go and is grateful for what I bring him.

    I slip under the duvet to finish sucking him off while titillating his anus at the same time. I do not introduce my finger because I did not have the nails cut flush and we had no lubricant available.

    Our first approach to this practice ends like this, we are cut off because my mother-in-law comes home with our child.

    But this experience was a turning point in our openness to our sexuality. In three years, we have grown enormously sexually together. We talk a lot freely about our desires, our libido is even stronger and there are no more taboos.

    We have since tested sodomy and the introduction of sex toys in our relationships as a couple or solo. I got him a prostate massager and I'm the happiest when I know he's had fun alone and is exploring his erogenous zones thoroughly.

    This experience (the abortion) which could have been traumatic brought a renewal in our relationship and today we are more fulfilled than ever.

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