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    Lunch break

    Pause déjeuner

    I am a mother of an adorable 6 year old little girl. I have been in a relationship with a woman for 12 years.

    When our daughter arrived, the balance that we had found together had been completely turned upside down. We have experienced ups and downs that have made us question ourselves. My partner felt neglected and little considered. I had wanted this child so much that I had transferred all my love to her and I left no room for anything in my life except her.

    I can say it today as calmly because we followed couples therapy to get out of it.

    I no longer went to my wife from any point of view: we no longer touched, I no longer saw the signals and she ended up walking away. And me, on the other hand, I wanted more attention and support but I didn't give him the space. We were stuck in this spiral. Luckily we worked on it together and came out of it stronger and more in love than ever.

    I'm self-employed and my darling is  optician. Since our therapy we strive to take care of each other, doing little things from time to time.

    That day, I decide to surprise her at lunch. She had told me when she left in the morning that she would be alone in the store until 2 p.m. and that she would eat something on the go.

    On the way, I had taken a menu for two from a caterer that we like, prepared a small basket with a tablecloth and I landed in his shop saying to him “Close everything, I'll take you away for the lunch break. I see that my little wife is smiling, my invitation has had its effect.

    We settle in a quiet and isolated corner of the park. There weren't many people, despite the good weather. 

    Lunch happens, we are well, we talk about everything, we laugh. We finish eating and we approach to land against each other. We have half an hour left together.

    I'm so good and in love. I tell him how happy I am that we found each other. I tell him that I was so afraid that we would separate but that we had made the right decision to get help. She replies that she too was afraid of losing me and that she loved me more than anything. 

    I can't explain it but I fell deeply in love with my wife again at that moment, and I wanted to show her how much. I forgot where we were.

    I took her face and kissed her passionately, as if it were the first time we had kissed. She, pleasantly surprised, gives me this fiery kiss and takes the opportunity to bring me even closer to her.

    I feel my heart racing, I take the initiative to move my hands in her cleavage by unbuttoning a few buttons of her blouse. His breath quickens when I just tickle her nipples. I kiss him on the neck, releasing his long hair, then behind his ear. She smells incredibly good, she puts perfume in this place.

    I feel her stiffen, I know it's one of her erogenous zones. I nibble her lobe, while continuing to caress her breasts which harden more and more. 

    It excites me enormously to give pleasure to my companion, forgetting everything that surrounds us. We don't usually do it in public but I really want her.

    My wife kisses me again and caresses my crotch gently. She also really wants us to go further. We make sure that no one comes and surprises us. She undoes the button of my pants and slips her hand. I'm soaked, she likes to caress me. She takes her hand away to lick her fingers. I find her so sexy when she does that. She plunges her hand again between my thighs that were just waiting for it. It accelerates the movement by making small circles supported on my clitoris. I struggle not to moan, I ask him to kiss me to drown out the noise.

    I run my hand under her blouse this time to touch the skin of her stomach and cling to it as my excitement soars. Our tongues entwining, her deft fingers on my burning clit, my hands on her soft skin, it didn't take long for me to have a powerful orgasm.

    We don't have time to finish, I wanted my wife to enjoy too, but it's almost time for her to start again. In addition, people are starting to approach the place where we are installed.

    She tells me she's not frustrated and she had a great time with me and she'll have a sweeter afternoon thinking about it.

    She went back to work, I went back to work at home with these images in mind.

    She came home earlier that day, we made love once our little one was well asleep. I made her cum three times that night. 

    Our couple has since been more united and more serene. We have decided to get married this summer. Motherhood and our therapy gave us a second wind.

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