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    Sex date with a stranger

    Plan cul avec un inconnu

    Last weekend, I decided to have an evening all to myself. I left the kids at home with a babysitter, got dressed and went to a little bar. I was approached by this guy (I'll call him “H”) and we really hit it off. The way he looked at me turned me on a little. He had this perverted smile, like he had something else on his mind the whole time he was looking at me. At one point he put his hand on my thigh. I was wearing a short dress so he was in direct contact with my skin and I felt chills. He whispered in my ear how sexy I looked in that dress. That he would like to see more. I'm not normally this bold in public, plus I looked around to make sure the way was clear, I took her hand and pointed it straight between my legs.

    H certainly wasn't expecting it, given his reaction, but he moved closer to me so it wasn't so obvious what we were doing. His hand went under my dress and he could feel how wet I was. He let out a "damn!" and slowly started stroking me. I lean over to kiss her. We're not getting too carried away anyway. H withdraws, he says he wants to fuck so badly. I didn't think twice, I told him let's go home since we are less than 10 min away.

    Only, we will have to be silent when we get home because my children must already be sleeping.

    We got in my car and drove off. Not even a minute later, his hand reaches out to me and I get fingered while trying not to crash into my car at the same time. He feels good inside me, I push myself against his fingers and he tells me he likes how wet I am. With my wet, you can hear the sound of his fingers entering and leaving me. When I get home, I try not to look at the babysitter when I let her go for the night. I felt like a teenager again as I snuck into my room with him to make sure my kids didn't wake up.

    The door closed, he grabs me from behind to turn me around and kiss me. He literally presses me against the door and I feel how hard he is as he moans against me. He starts kissing my neck and then says something incredibly arousing to me. He asks me if my children know what a bitch their mom is. That side of me came out. As I was sucking his dick, letting him fuck me and telling me what a good girl I am. He holds my head still and he gives it his all. I wanted his cum in my mouth so badly.

    But he withdraws and orders me to be put on the bed. I take off my dress and find myself on all fours on my bed, ready to be fucked by a guy who flirted with me in a bar while my children were sleeping downstairs. He comes closer and moves slowly inside me. I try hard not to moan but I let him out anyway feeling him penetrating me deeper and deeper. He goes slow for a while but then he starts moving faster. He pulls his dick out completely and then pushes it back in place vigorously. It was amazing.

    He really starts fucking me hard and all I can do is moan like a real whore begging him to give me more. He slaps my ass several times. He asks me if I like being used like that by him. If I like being such a good bitch for him. I'm so far away I don't even care, I tell her I like it. Then he asks me, "Do you want me to cum inside you, you dirty whore?" I practically begged him. He made a few more moves and then he thrust himself all the way inside me and when I felt him I couldn't help myself and came too. And he said to me "fuck, yes, cum on my cock". We were both out of breath when it was over. He stayed inside me for a minute, then he came out and lay down next to me. Both smiling in that post-fuck bliss. After a few minutes, I asked him jokingly if he was ok with me not taking birth control. And he told me he hoped I didn't.

    We were stunned and this is the story of my husband and I's first attempt at conceiving baby #3 😉

    Oh and I forgot: “The guy” who picked me up at the bar is actually my husband and it was the first time we did a role play.

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