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    I am a young mother, I have a child and a man whom I love more than anything.

    But I never wanted to be a mother, this pregnancy and this child imposed themselves on me.

    I didn't want a child to upset the balance I had with my man. And it may sound superficial, but sex is a very important part of the relationship I have with him. I wouldn't say I'm a sex addict, but I need to have sex very regularly.

    This need was increased tenfold when I was pregnant and even more so once our child was born. I had a click and a desire to test new things and push my limits.

    I discussed it at length with my man, who from the start was understanding and attentive to my desires, but also admitted that he could not necessarily follow me on everything and left me the choice of satisfy some of my fantasies with other people.

    The idea matured, my child grew up, I rebuilt myself after giving birth and I still had the conversation I had with my husband in the back of my mind, but I had never taken the leap of go see someone else.

    Our reports after the baby's arrival had become rarer, especially with fatigue and sometimes the lack of opportunity to meet together. They happened to masturbate each other but it didn't go all the way and I was frustrated.

    Despite the change of life and the new responsibilities I had as a mother, sex was always omnipresent in my mind.

    I don't think I've ever masturbated as much as since I became a mom.

    I started talking via Instagram to another mom, Laura. We had met on an account that we follow. She had commented on a post that talked about sexuality and the lack we felt. I identified with her and contacted her by private message, after having exchanged a few comments.

    At first, we didn't speak daily together, and one day, not knowing where to turn, I sent him a message telling him of my discomfort regarding the decline in the intimate relationship I had with my husband. , that I was fed up with all this upheaval in my life and that I no longer recognized myself.

    From that moment, our relationship changed, we really spoke in a much more intimate way. I also told Laura that my husband had no problem with me having sex somewhere else if I wanted to and that he was even aware that I was talking to her, in a more than friendly way. . Laura was clearly on the same wavelength as me and also had the idea that it would be nice to meet in real life and see how things could go between us.

    We lived a 15 minute drive from each other, and I offered to see her at my house while I was alone. She accepts and the appointment is set for the next day.

    I told my man, who told me he would have liked to be there. He wishes me to take advantage of this moment and not fail to tell him the details. At the mention of this meeting he exhilarates, heats me up but I tell him that I reserve myself and that I am preparing a surprise for him.

    On D-Day, Laura arrives at lunchtime. I had prepared the meal and had some pastries at the bakery. The sexual tension is there and palpable between us. There's no shyness, we act like we've known each other for years, even though we've been talking to each other for 6 months.

    We leave the table to go have dessert in the living room, placed on the sofa. I make her some tea and we start talking…but not for long. We approach quickly, I tell her that I want her since she arrived. Laura confesses the same thing to me, that it's the first time she's done this but that she's been turned on since our conversations have become more sexual.

    She tells me that she thinks of me very often, when she is alone, when she caresses herself and even when she makes love to her husband.

    He, on the other hand, is not aware of our relationship, he thinks that I am another mom friend… But I admit that at this moment I have no qualms… I want to fuck her…

    I repeat to Laura that my husband is completely ok with our meeting and that he would even have liked to be with us. She smiles and I tell her, “Do you mind, if it goes wrong, and it will go wrong, that I film us making love? “, she replies that it does not bother her but that she wants it to stay only between us. I assure him that yes, it's a small gift for my man and a souvenir for me.

    I play the video on my phone and approach her again, knowing full well what was going to happen next. I take some whipped cream, which is on one of the pastries, to put on his mouth. She smiles again, and I just lick her lip to get the whipped cream and take the opportunity to kiss her tenderly. I have butterflies in my stomach when she kisses me back by putting her tongue in it. I put myself on her, I run my hands through her hair, I want to possess her. She caresses my back, legs, buttocks while we kiss passionately.

    It's the first time I've kissed a woman and found myself with Laura, but everything is obvious. I rub shoulders with her, she brings me closer so that we are in fusion. I continue to kiss her and I unbutton her blouse. She does not wear a bra, she has a small chest that I find sublime. I kiss her breasts and lick her nipples which harden each time I approach my tongue. She touches me under my t-shirt. I don't wear anything underneath either.

    I have chills of pleasure, I realize my fantasy and knowing that my husband will see what I do excites me even more.

    Laura also surrenders, I take off her skirt and panties. I don't know how to go about it, but I'll give it a go. I spread her thighs and kiss her sex. I do not lick it directly. I discover her vulva and I wouldn't know why, but I found it really beautiful and I just wanted to make it my own and give pleasure to Laura. I played with her clitoris with my fingers, and I introduced them into her vagina, which was hot and extremely moist. Laura moans "Again!" It's too good ! which galvanizes me. Squatting in front of her, I touch myself too.

    I lick her pussy delicately, I lick it as I would like to be licked. Her pussy is not shaved but I don't see any inconvenience, on the contrary it's rather pleasant. She arches and squirms, she sits up and leans on my shoulders. She breathes harder and harder ... and ends up enjoying. I'm glad she got off on it, despite my inexperience in dealing with women.

    She asks me to come, she also wants to make me come. I'm still very wet and I still really want. I also want to get fucked by Laura, so I comply.

    She lies on the couch, I arrange the phone to provide another angle of view to my husband. I put myself on top of her head, she is trying to eat my pussy like I've never been eaten before.. I moan at the top of my lungs, I'm in a trance, I want more and I enjoy very quickly. I wanted sex so much and this meeting was what I needed and fulfilled me on all levels.

    We made love once again, without filming this time, before she went home to pick up her children from school. We really want to do it again.

    I showed the video to my husband once we were both in bed. He was happy that I got off and when he watched he was so excited that he fucked me like he had never fucked me before, his libido was boosted to its peak that night. He then asked me if I would like him to be with us once. I tell him that I will ask Laura, that we organize it.

    Following our first meeting, we meet again every week with Laura, once or more, to fuck. She always comes to my house, her husband still not knowing. It's been going on for 2 years and this "sexual friendship" is really what I was missing in my balance. We have made love to three several times, my husband, Laura and I, and our relationship with my man has also changed a lot.

    I gained a friend, a more than fulfilled sexuality and found a balance both in my life as a mother and in my life as a woman.

    I didn't think another woman would give me what Laura gives me, but I'm taking it as it comes.

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