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    I am a young mother and I have 3 children.

    I am separated from the father who has them in alternating custody on weekends and school holidays.

    The separation dates from two years ago and affected me deeply. I am not at the origin of the rupture, the dad made the decision.

    According to him, I wasn't available enough for him, I let myself go, I wasn't who I was before…I didn't excite him anymore.

    For his part, he has not rebuilt his life and lives alone.

    I lost a lot of self-confidence and I didn't dare to make new romantic encounters. I give myself time to rebuild myself.

    I don't have a crazy social life, mainly my children's school moms or those of their activities. We moved to the city where I am currently at the birth of my youngest, who is 2 years old and I have not made strong friendships since.

    Since the separation, I have been on social networks a lot, certainly to kill boredom.

    I'm a member of a group on Facebook that shares tips and cooking tips, because I'm passionate about it. I love the virtual exchanges I can have with the different members.

    I have been chatting with one of them outside the group for a few weeks. A father of 2 teenagers, married, whom I will call Samuel. He lives in the same city as me but we never met.

    At first we only talked about cooking, we teased each other in all innocence. But we spent more and more time talking together. You could really spend hours online.

    An evening to change everything...

    I was alone for the holidays, my children were with their father. I log in as usual and I see that Samuel is also logged in. I'm going to say hello to him to let him know I'm online.

    He tells me that he is happy to see me but that he is not well and that he needs to talk to me.

    I'm starting to worry, I hope it's nothing serious. He then said to me "I'm not well because you're not by my side, I think of you all the time when I shouldn't think of you like that, I don't have the right, but I don't don't stop, it's stronger than me”. I did not expect such a message.

    I'm not going to lie by saying that Samuel did not leave me indifferent, but since I knew he was married, I forbade myself the slightest allusion.

    I simply reply "Ah..."

    He continues “I have never felt such an attraction since…I don't even know if I have ever felt that, even with the mother of my children. I'm ashamed to say that but at the same time I don't want to keep it to myself anymore. I love talking with you so much, I miss you when you're not online, I look forward to our conversations…I'm having a hard time just imagining you in front of me as I write to you”

    Oh my god…it was sudden but to read that I was having a hard-on to wake up something in me. Knowing that I could have this effect on a man who had only seen me in a photo really excited and liberated me...

    I tell him, “Samuel, I didn't dare admit it to myself because you're married, but I like you a lot too. This is the first time since my separation from the father of my children that I am again attracted to someone. It had to be on you and you are not free…. »

    Samuel writes to me “I am not physically free, but my spirit is completely with you. I want to tell you so many things. I want to do so many things to you. You excite me terribly. »

    There a warmth comes over me, I wonder if I'm playing his game and then I say to myself that tanpis, I too have the right to do myself good, that it's been a long time “Ah yes? You too really turn me on. I think about you all the time..I touch myself thinking about what we could do if we were together.. »

    And he answered me “Stop..I have a hard-on even harder…I want to jerk off while imagining you pass your hands between your thighs. You are so beautiful and desirable. It's so unreal. I want to do you good. »

    Reading his words I wet like never before, it hadn't happened to me for a long time. But I appreciate the moment.

    I tell him, “Listen, I don't want us to get too excited about writing, I want to take advantage of my children's absence and meet you for real. We could already see each other for a coffee…and more if the feeling continues. »

    Samuel replies that he can be available the next day and that he understands that I don't want to rush things. He tells me that he has started to masturbate but that he will not finish to keep this tension until tomorrow. These words excite me so much. Appointment made at 7 p.m.

    On the day of the meeting, I have a mixture of apprehension, nervousness and excitement. I hope Samuel won't be disappointed to see me and that I won't be disappointed either.

    I prepared myself by putting all the chances on my side but still remaining natural. On the other hand, I put on the most beautiful lingerie to have more confidence.

    Samuel arrives a little before me at the cafe. The closer I get, the more excited I am. It is as beautiful as in its photos, if not more. I'm afraid of disappointing him and that he will find me ugly.

    He gets up, takes me in his arms and hugs me. He tells me that I am really beautiful and that he does not regret having waited for our meeting. Samuel is frank and I really like that.

    We drink a glass, then two, then three and we start to warm up. Yesterday's sexual tension is even stronger today. We get closer, he touches my arms, I touch his face. He grabs my head and whispers in my ear that he really wants it to go further. He takes my hand, looking around him, and makes me caress his crotch, so that I can feel how excited he is.

    I really wet a lot, I tell him, he tells me that it excites him even more.

    He bites my earlobe and kisses me just behind my ear. I have chills it's so good.

    I really want to let myself go, it's been so long since I've been wanted so much and I haven't been so sexually stimulated. I put all my scruples aside and I suggest Samuel come to my place to continue to discover himself.

    I live 10 minutes walk from our meeting place and all the way back home, I wanted to jump on him.

    Arrived at my house we literally throw ourselves on each other. He kisses me passionately but being gentle. I like the fact that he takes matters into his own hands. The sexual tension was at its peak, I was waiting for him to make the first move.

    We go into the living room, Samuel asks me to sit down. I do what he asks of me. He kneels in front of me. I am feverish again but terribly excited. He takes off my shoes and my socks. He unbuttons my pants to take them off.

    Once without stockings, he begins to kiss me from my feet while going up by giving me small kisses supported in the interior of the thighs. Arrived at my pubis, he caresses me over my thong. He blows on my crotch, I can't take it anymore. He starts kissing me again and pushes her away. And then…he starts licking me with the tip of his tongue. This stimulation makes me spin, it's been so long since a man came here, and my ex was not a fan of cunnilingus.

    I let Samuel do it and I appreciate every lick. The fact of still having my thong excites me and also excites her a lot. I take the same time he is still kneeling in front of me to caress his crotch with one of my feet. It's good to feel a hard-on like that.

    He licks me and fingers me at the same time. It was the first time someone had done this to me. Both in time it was simply divine! I surrender completely and no longer control anything.

    My animal side comes out and I tell her that I want to feel it inside me.

    He tells me he wants to make me cum by licking me, which he manages to do in a few minutes.

    Samuel is still erect under his pants.

    I am always in demand and I really want to become one with him.

    I ask him to get up and I lower his pants and his underwear. I ask him to sit in my place and this time I kneel.

    I discover her sex: a good size, neither too big nor too small, the hair trimmed and veins visible ... it makes me hungry.

    I return the favor and begin to take it by mouth. I suck him with enthusiasm, he kisses my mouth: he goes up his pelvis to accompany my licks. He breathes harder and harder, he moans and he too lets himself go completely. He strokes my hair and makes sure it doesn't get in the way by pushing it back. I knead his testicles and he moaned louder. He tells me he loves what I'm doing to him. He tells me again that he wants to take me and that I drive him crazy. I suck like I've never sucked before, I look at him and I see that he's really good too.

    I don't want this to end. I ask him if he thought of taking a condom; he tells me he has one in his trouser pocket.

    He puts it on, joins me on the ground and turns me around.

    He takes me doggy style, I cling to my coffee table, I moan like a female dog but damn it's good.

    Samuel goes slowly, then harder and harder. He asks my permission to smack my ass, which I appreciate of him, and gladly accept. The first spanking is shy, he doesn't want to hurt me, but the excitement starts again. Between thrusts I order him to smack me harder, I want to have the trace of his hand on my ass. He does, I scream with pleasure, he goes faster and faster, I moan louder and louder, I tell him I'm going to enjoy. He accelerates, grabs my hips, accelerates again, moaning too. Hearing it like this, I explode and come before him. He enjoys a second later. He withdraws and we kiss again languidly.

    We were on the same length, I felt like a woman again with him.

    We saw each other a few times afterwards, when my children were away.

    Unfortunately I did not continue my relationship with Samuel, I did not want to be the mistress but this meeting clearly gave me confidence in myself. I understood that I was not the only one responsible for the failure of my relationship with the father of my children and it did me good to have a good time and think of myself.

    I still haven't got back into a relationship but I no longer hesitate to listen to my impulses, to take time for myself and I'm much more fulfilled that way.

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