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    I recently gave birth to my first child.

    A quick delivery and less painful than I could have imagined.

    I was two days away from my due date, but it felt like an eternity.

    One afternoon we are posed with my companion and we start to rave about the famous Italian triggering which could perhaps trigger the delivery.

    Me, skeptical, telling myself that it wouldn't work, and my boyfriend was rather keen on testing, saying to himself that maybe luckily for us it would. I let myself be tempted by the experience.

    He approaches me and begins to warm me up. Unlike some pregnant women, I had a strong libido during my pregnancy, until the last moment. I got turned on very easily.

    As I was not comfortably installed I suggested to my darling to go to bed.

    We arrive in the room, I sit on the edge of the bed. My man takes off my pants and my panties and takes the opportunity to kiss my crotch. He's a cunnilingus lover and I'm a fan of his expert tongue.

    He licks me, stroking my legs at the same time. He introduced a finger into my soaked sex and I cried with pleasure for the first time. He continues to lick me. I wet even more.

    I ask him to come, my desire to fuck grows as he licks and fingers me.

    With my big belly the positions are limited but we found a few that make us get off every time.

    We land in a spoon, my man's cock against my buttocks. I move my pelvis against his cock stiffened and ready to penetrate me. I don't want to wait, I'm absolutely ready to welcome it into me.

    He engages and takes me deep.

    His thrusts are not ample, we remain glued to each other. It has rotational movements, I feel the slightest variations. He masturbates me at the same time. I totally let myself go. I no longer think about childbirth or anything else, I take advantage of these last moments together.

    My man begins to accelerate back and forth, he blows hard in my back, I feel he will soon enjoy.

    I ask him to take me doggy style. This position relieves me and makes me have more intense orgasms.

    He takes the position, and once inside me grabs my hips to get a good grip (I took 19kg so there was plenty to take lol). He takes me in an animal way, pushes deep moans, I love to hear him because I know he is fully and he is super excited.

    It accelerates when enjoying, I'm not far either.

    He gives me one last blow and I cum. He enjoys a bit after me.

    Believe it or not, but a few hours after labor had started...

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