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    Slumber party

    Soirée entre copines

    I have been in a relationship for years with the father of my sons, and I have never committed any deviation during our entire relationship.

    When we got together with my husband, we were young, I had not known other men before him. He was my first and only love. I had a very classic vision of the couple and married life: we settled down together, we had our jobs, our children and we would end our life together. I never imagined for a second that this path that I had traced could one day be undermined.

    After 18 years of marriage, after the hardships we went through, I discovered that my husband cheated on me. It must be said that he had not been discreet and had left many (too many) clues and I ended up confronting him with this deception. It was a very painful moment, because I felt completely useless and I blamed myself for this infidelity, thinking that I was responsible for it, whereas with hindsight I had nothing to do with it. And above all, it had put a slap in the face of the idealized vision that I had of our couple.

    After the sadness, there was the anger, telling myself that I had been irreproachable, even when I had opportunities. And then I told my husband that I forgave him for his deviation, while still having a bitter taste for what he had done to me.

    Two years after what happened, I in turn crossed the line, telling myself that I too could give myself a break. 

    One weekend I go out with friends, we have dinner together in a bar-restaurant and we end the evening there. Before my husband's deception, I certainly would not have yielded to temptation or even encouraged attempts at approaches. That night, it was completely different. 

    We find ourselves dancing and a man approaches me. I had spotted him because he was at the table right next to ours and I gave him sideways glances from time to time.

    Helping alcohol, I am very lascivious and I invite him to dance with me. I tell him I don't usually do that and he tells me he's flattered that I'm picking him up. We dance, we brush against each other, we turn around, the music does not yet lend itself to the bringing together of bodies. We stop, we go have a drink at the bar, we stick more and more as we go. 

    We go back to dancing and the connection is made on a piece of zouk. I'm lucky, I came across a very good dancer, who sticks to me. We move together slowly, our torsos stick together and we end up kissing. At that moment, I forget everything that's going on around me, I don't care what my girlfriends might think, who know that I'm married. I think only of my pleasure and what I live. 

    I hadn't kissed any man other than my husband, I felt a bit awkward at first, but I quickly got the hang of it and the man I was kissing was also giving it back to me. Languorous kisses that really raised the temperature on all levels. 

    I was dancing passing my thigh between his legs and the reaction was immediate: he was hard on the track. 

    The pieces of zouk follow one another, we continue to dance, I'm still in a very naughty mood and I decide to whisper in my partner's ear that I really want him, right now.

    I go completely out of my comfort zone by offering to join me in the bathroom, which he accepts without hesitation.

    I warn my girlfriends of my absence and the stranger follows me a few meters away.

    We find ourselves alone, and we lock the door. There was an airlock with a plan with a washbasin, a large mirror with the toilet in the background. Just returned, our hands begin to touch each other. We have to act quickly so that my girlfriends don't ask themselves too many questions. I drop his pants, I see that his erection begins. I help him get hard again by kissing him and jerking him off at the same time. He caresses my crotch, which is already soaked. The situation is so crazy that my excitement is at the peak. He introduces a finger and bites my lip at the same time. I jerk him off faster and faster.

    I tell her that we have to do it quickly, because my friends are waiting for me. 

    We go to the toilets, the stranger sits down, pulls out a condom and puts it on. I sit on his penis so that he takes me like that.

    As I straddle him, I feel him all the way up and down, gripping my hips. He accompanies my movements by raising his pelvis from time to time, to sink deeper. At the same time as he fucks me, I masturbate to cum faster. I move at the pace I want, I completely take control of what's going on. I go faster and faster, I feel the orgasm arrived. I stimulate my clitoris faster and faster, I lubricate it with my saliva and end up cumming. 

    My partner didn't have time to finish, but I left before he had time, because it was getting long, especially for a simple pee...

    So I let him finish because the excitement on my side had died down.

    I joined my friends, we left just after. I didn't ask for his first name or the phone number of my one-night stand, because I wanted it to be just that.

    I didn't tell my husband, my girlfriends didn't hesitate either, they think that my prank was limited to languorous kisses on the track and I have this little guilty secret for me. I have no regrets, if I hadn't I think I would have wanted it.

    Today I don't forbid myself to flirt and seduce, without going so far as to go to bed, it's my little thing to me.

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