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    I am a young mother, fulfilled in my life as a couple, but that has not always been the case.

    I relaxed on the question of sex with my current companion, with whom I have been with for 10 years, but before him and especially before being a mother I was not at all curious about what my body could offer me in pleasure term.

    I had no self-confidence, and had never masturbated because I mistakenly thought it was disrespectful to my man. I was afraid to offend him if he found out or thought he wasn't satisfying me enough. On the contrary, masturbate to release in me the woman full of desires that had been dormant in me for years.

    I never imagined that I would let someone observe me masturbating and that it would turn me on so much.

    Recently we find ourselves alone at home with my man. I was not working and he was in home office. Our child was in school for the day. 

    I felt in a naughty mood and taking advantage of a break from my man, I say that I'm going to go relax and that he would be welcome if he wants to join me. He replies that he still has a lot of work to do and that it will be complicated. I tell him it's no big deal and that I'll take care of myself.

    I go to my room, I leave the door open on purpose, with our bed overlooking our living room.

    I take out my sex toy, I get on the bed, I spread my legs, I activate it. The sound of vibrations is heard quite well in our apartment where there is only the sound of my man's keyboard.

    I caress myself, emitting small moans, hoping to arouse the curiosity of my darling and that he comes to see what is happening in the room.

    I wait a short time before seeing him arrive at the doorstep .. visibly already very excited. He says to me “You are infernal, how do you want me to concentrate? ". I tell him that he can go back to work that I would make less noise. He approaches me and tells me that it was too late, that he no longer had his head to work and that seeing me like that had made him want to fuck me.

    He gets between my legs and takes my sex toy. He starts massaging me with it. He takes off his pants and his boxers, he has the start of an erection. We go upside down, my man continues his caresses with his tongue and I take his cock in the mouth to harden it. I try not to neglect any part of his penis and I go with enthusiasm and it pays off. I have the impression that the more he feels me sucking him and he licks me at the same time, the more he is excited. In the heat of the moment I approach her buttocks and tickle her anus with the tip of my tongue. I see that he squirms with pleasure and continues to explore my vulva even more. I lick him, taking his penis in my hands and jerking it off at the same time.

    I masturbate vigorously, it excites me a lot. He begs me not to stop jerking him off because he's going to enjoy soon, I also tell him that I'm not far off and to continue licking myself. I take it back in my mouth.

    I enjoy a few seconds before him in a convulsion, he also enjoys in my mouth. 

    He's off to take a shower to get back to work, I stay lying down and relaxed in bed.

    I tell myself that I should try it more often and that these little breaks are really welcome.

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