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    love train

    Train de l'amour

    I have 2 children, I am a mother and I have been married for 16 years.

    This summer, we left our children with their grandparents for 2 weeks. We manage to grant ourselves these moments without them, allowing us to find ourselves.

    We have a very fulfilling sex life and we sometimes have fun doing role-playing games.

    For the end of the holidays we decide to have a weekend in a city not far from my parents' house and take the opportunity to pick up the children by train on the way.

    I suggest to my husband to act as if we did not know each other and that we were complete strangers who were going to make the trip together.

    For this game, I wanted to play the seductive and confident woman. I had put on one of my most beautiful lingerie, the one that makes me feel irresistible in the eyes of my husband.

    That day I had put on a vaporous dress, slightly transparent and low-cut. We had seats at the back of the train. My husband moved in first, on the aisle side. The game begins when I walk past him to the window side, rubbing my knees.

    We cast furtive glances as if to flirt. And I tell him after half a trip, “I'm not used to doing that, but if I don't tell you I'll regret it all my life. I find you terribly attractive. ". My man replies, “I've been watching you for a while now and I'm very attracted to you. ". He begins to brush my left thigh from the knee to go up looking me in the eye. I feel my heart racing.

    I also begin to browse his right thigh. My husband had put on shorts that day. His skin under my fingers, in this situation electrifies me. I go back and pass my hand over his sex ... I feel he has a hard-on. I look at him smiling, he smiles back at me. Him, reaches my panties, and grabs my pussy with a fist ... I feel like I'm wet. He shifts my panties to gently massage my clitoris. The wet perfectly lubricates my crotch and his fingers slide over me.

    I cling to the armrest, I start to breathe harder but I bite my lip to be discreet. The car was not crowded, the seats in front and next to us were empty but there was still the risk of being caught, which increased our excitement.

    My husband tells me that he really wants me, he puts my hand in his shorts "You can feel the effect you have on me". The fact that he uses you makes the pressure rise in me. I tell him “I'm going to the bathroom, if you want to see more follow me” He replies “I'll join you but I'm waiting for my pole to be less visible” with a little smirk.

    I wait for him in the cramped toilets of the train. He knocks on the door saying "I'm your attractive neighbor" as a password. I let him in.

    I'm extremely horny and I just want him to take me. I drop his shorts and I start jerking him off. I lubricate his penis by spitting on him. He starts to bend very quickly and very hard. He too is on the verge of implosion. He turns me around and asks me to bend down slightly.

    He lifts my dress and lowers my panties.

    Let's go for a doggy balance above the toilet. I leaned against the walls of the cabin, while I received his cock hardens in me. My husband clings to my hips and kicks his kidneys faster and faster, harder and harder. We are a little jostled because of the jolts of the train but our pleasure is so powerful that we do not take offense. I tell him "I'm going to cum, you can cum on my ass". No sooner did I tell him that I have a powerful orgasm. He withdraws and enjoys on my buttocks. 

    He cleans me of the sperm that was starting to flow and also cleans himself. We tell ourselves that we have to go out one after the other so as not to be noticed. Luckily when my man came out there was no one there.

    He resumed his place, before returning I recovered "correctly".  We had an hour of travel left, which we spent as husband and wife.

    These little moments and especially these sexual games have boosted our libido. We haven't been forbidden anything, for years. Love and tenderness are still there but we have had low libido, especially after my pregnancies. We reinvent ourselves every day, making room for communication and listening to the needs of others. For us it's a second honeymoon.

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