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    I am a 39 year old married woman with two children.

    I have been with my husband for 8 years and since becoming a mother I have given myself little time alone or with friends.

    This story is from 2 years ago. I had returned to work after my maternity leave and I had plunged back into the train train of daily life between the metro, work, my second life on returning home and sleep.

    It wasn't crazy sex with my husband, especially since the arrival of our second child.

    We no longer looked at each other, we no longer paid attention to each other and we let ourselves be eaten up by our daily lives as young active parents. My libido was at a standstill and I no longer felt any desire for my husband. He didn't do anything to come to me and I didn't go either. It was a vicious circle.

    I work in an event agency where I am a project manager and during my absence, my boss had hired a young 27 year old, freshly graduated from my position, Yohan.

    We had to make the transition smoothly so that I could take over the files in progress. Yohan was to brief me on the rest.

    He was methodical and very organized, it was not difficult to do the handover.

    Months pass, Yohan is now part of the company, a position has been created for him.

    A new project has been entrusted to me and I have to work in collaboration with Yohan. We prepare an event together and sometimes have to spend evenings together to finalize it on time.

    They happen to us to decompress in afterwork a few times. I'm delaying going home. I feel better and better spending time with Yohan and I feel that it's mutual.

    In my couple, it's still so bleak and I think more and more of Yohan, in my dreams, while masturbating. I am disturbed when I am at his side. I feel that there is something going on.

    Our event is approaching; in 2 days everything should be completed. With Yohan, we decide to speed up to finish everything on time. I see with my husband to take care of giving dinner and putting the children to bed, telling him that I would be home late because of work.

    At 7 p.m., the last employees of the box leave, leaving us alone in the premises. We ordered Japanese.

    We sit down a little in the room reserved for catering, the time to eat and we take the opportunity to talk.

    We spent time together on this project and grew closer over time. Yohan starts talking to me about his life and tells me that he arrived in Paris following a professional opportunity and a heartbreak. He explains to me that today he no longer worries about relationships, he sees what is happening day by day. I talk to him about my relationship which has been at a standstill for months.

    I tell him with a laugh that I haven't fucked in months and that I would jump on anything that moves (I'm a natural cash). He answers me “And you would jump on me? “I then said to him” Honestly yes, I would eat you alive. He says "Chiche" to me.

    I should not get into this field, I had been fantasizing about him for weeks and there I was not going to miss the opportunity. I wanted him too much.

    He was sitting in front of me, I get up and place myself on top of him. I kiss him full on the mouth greedily. I hadn't kissed like that in months, even years. I stick my tongue in and he kisses me back perfectly.

    He takes the opportunity to touch my body. I have shivers that run through me all along the spine and the pussy wriggles.

    I feel under my buttocks his budding erection, I start rubbing against him while kissing him.

    Yohan asks me to get up and put myself on the table. I clear the dishes that were there and I stick it to the wall. He takes care of taking off my clothes, I quickly find myself in my underwear.

    I also take off his clothes. I discover not only an athletic body but when he takes off his boxers a long thick cock...the opposite of my husband... She was sublime and I really wanted to suck her.

    I take it in hand to caress it.

    I get off the table and kneel in front of him, sitting back in his chair. I take his cock in my mouth and begin to suck it briskly. I feel, at this moment, no regret to deceive my husband. I ask Yohan to kiss my mouth, I grab his muscular thighs and he gives me the rhythm while I move my head.

    His cock swells as I suck it. It's huge but it's really good. He bends down a little to reach my breasts and touch them. He caresses my shoulders, my back, my hair. He is very gentle in his gestures.

    I look him in the eye sucking him, he lets himself go moaning. He doesn't care the offices are empty.

    I ask him if he has anything to protect himself, he tells me that he always goes out covered. He goes to get a condom and comes back to the room where I'm waiting for him, hotter than ever. Once the condom is in place, he puts me on the table, and puts my legs above his shoulders. I was so wet that lube was useless. He came into me very easily.

    He took me like no man had ever done before. I don't know if it's because I hadn't been penetrated for months but I felt his cock deep inside my insides.

    I was not shy either to shout my pleasure. The position was perfect.

    He kissed my legs giving me powerful thrusts. He was energetic. I looked at his abs and the triangle at the level of his pubis, it was driving me crazy.

    He lowers my legs and turns me to take me doggy style "enhanced". He asks me to put one leg on the table and keep the other on the ground. He takes me to the side and begins his back and forth. I do not know what my name is so much, it's too good.

    He takes me by the neck and is still as toned and still strong band. He bends down to touch my clit and massage it.

    I will soon enjoy, I lower my leg so that he ends up in "classic" doggy style. It goes faster and faster. I enjoy clinging to the edge of the table and he also enjoys very hard.

    We look at each other, we laugh, telling ourselves that we're really going to be in trouble for the project. We finish that evening around 1am. We manage to complete everything in time.

    Yohan is since my lover, who mainly fucks me at work. It excites me enormously: he takes me in the toilet, a cunnilingus in the supply room, a stolen kiss in the elevator. We often find ourselves working on joint projects where we have business trips to make together and we fuck like crazy.

    It's been going on for 2 years, I stay with my husband for the children but clearly we don't do anything together anymore. I even wonder if he doesn't see anyone. But today I live again with Yohan who makes me feel fulfilled sexually. I don't know where this will take us, but I take advantage of these moments to escape from my daily routine and without love with my husband.

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