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    Very Merry Christmas

    Très joyeux Noël

    We spend our Christmas Eve with the family. We decided to open our presents on Christmas morning. But I wanted to give my man a present before the whole family woke up.

    This year, due to the pandemic, we preferred to spend the end of year celebrations simply with my best friend and her husband, because they live near us, my two children and my husband. 

    We finish the meal, we send the children to bed and we continue the evening a little longer with my friends, who are not long in coming either. All that's left is my husband, a still nearly full bottle of champagne, and me. We go get the gifts to put under the tree and we get back on the sofa to finish the bottle. 

    Alcohol turns me on and I really want my man. I start to heat it when anyone could surprise us, but it makes me want it even more. I start whispering in his ear that I want him to fuck me and that I want to fuck him too. He tells me that he also really wants it and I see it in his pole which is starting to be apparent. 

    I start to kiss him full on the mouth, while I jerk him off through his pants. I then get up to take off my tights and my panties, while he lowers his pants and his boxers and I sit on his not completely stiffened cock. I rub against him and I feel that I wet. We continue to kiss and caress each other, taking care not to make too much noise. 

    I do some back and forth, I feel his sex harden as and when. I stop to kneel in front of him. I spread her and her legs up so that they are wide open. I place them high up on the couch to get a good view of his cock, balls and asshole. I start sucking him off, licking his balls at the same time. I hear him blow faster and breathe harder. I see his toes twitch on the sofa, a sign that he likes what I'm doing to him. I keep taking it in my mouth. I lick his glans and I go down, then I go back to put it back completely in my mouth, very deeply. At the same time, I massage the entrance to his anus with my thumb, it drives him crazy. I go faster and faster with my mouth, I gently push my index finger into her hole. He moans. 

    I look at him, I ask him if everything is fine, he replies that he is having fun and that he wants me to continue. I do, his cock still in my mouth, I turn around with my tongue, he holds my hair and strokes my head at the same time. 

    He warns me "Baby, I'm going to cum", I don't withdraw. He cums in my mouth, I know he likes it. I don't like the taste too much, I keep it in my mouth and then spit it out. He knows it but it doesn't bother him.

    We don't continue and we go up to bed because we expect noise upstairs.

    We check that the children are sleeping and we go to our room.

    The next day I go downstairs and find my best friend in the kitchen. I offer her a coffee, and there she admits having surprised us with my man. She tells me that she didn't stay all the way but that she had seen enough to be super excited too. She tells me that she then went to wake up her husband and that she got fucked while thinking of us.

    I was oddly embarrassed but also very excited by what she had told me. 

    We couldn't say more because the children arrived later and then our men to open the presents. We spent the end of the weekend like nothing. They left on Sunday during the day without anyone talking about this passage again, but me, her confession did not leave me indifferent and I would certainly talk about it again with her.

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