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    A life in a wheelchair

    Une vie en fauteuil

    I am a 29 year old single mom in a wheelchair. I can feel my legs but not move them very well.

    I have a good metabolism and I'm quite lean, which is a plus because being heavy is a real problem for people in wheelchairs, for many reasons.

    I'm nice, I flirt and I'm cute, but most guys think I'm a bit stupid or don't feel like having sex. Add to that my child and it's a package that scares many.

    While it's quite the opposite.

    One of my last appointments made the sweet experience.

    It had been a few months since I had met, even if I was registered on applications but the fact of saying that I was in a wheelchair stopped (unfortunately) the discussion… but I was used to it.

    And a year ago, after talking with this guy for a week non-stop, sending him some nudes too (so he wouldn't be surprised by seeing me for real), we decided to go on a date. you in a park not far from my house.

    My child was with his father, so I was free to plan more if the evening went further.

    I had prepared: little top that suggested without being vulgar, a little skirt without panties underneath (it was a delirium between us and I wanted to surprise him), little light makeup and condoms in my bag (again , we do not know how the evening was going to continue, even if I had a small idea seen as we had warmed up in line).

    The moment of the meeting is finally here, it is right on time, and really very charming. It was the same as in the photos (I specify because I have met people who had nothing to do with their online profile!) and the current went right away. He knew I was in a wheelchair and didn't back away from him. He stayed exactly the same.

    There was already a little sexual tension, but I told myself not to show him immediately the intentions I had.

    We moved forward in the park to find a nice place to settle down.

    We landed a little away from the crowd. There were bushes that could hide us a bit.

    He landed on the ground before me and looking a little embarrassed asked me if I needed help landing too. I didn't need any help because I manage alone on a daily basis, but I said yes to him, to have a first contact with him and that he could feel that I am light.

    So we sat side by side and we started talking; and the conversation quickly took a sexual turn.

    He asks me, laughing if I remember telling him that the day we meet I'll come without panties. I asked him if he thought I could do it. He seemed doubtful and told me that I hadn't dared.

    I looked to see if there was anyone around (even though I have a bit of a voyeuristic side) and asked him to check for himself. And there he slipped his hand under my skirt and smiled when he felt that I had nothing.

    He was about to remove his hand when I told him to leave it and ask to play with my clit. No sooner had he started than I wet like crazy. He had shorts on and I could see that what he was doing to me had a lot of effect on him. He then penetrated me with his fingers, always below my skirt which hid a little what he was doing, even if we could clearly guess what was happening to the head I was doing lol

    I then ran my hand over his shorts and started stroking him over the fabric. He tells me that he really wants to fuck me and that we have to find a place to go because he wouldn't hold it.

    I wondered if I made him come to my house or if I realized one of my fantasies…and get fucked in a public place.

    I looked around and I spotted a sort of recessed room. I tell him we can go there. We headed there, I checked that there was enough room for my chair and off we went.

    He asked me to stay seated (at the same time I couldn't go far lol), spread my legs, bent down and started licking me. I think I had never received such a good cunnilingus. I clung to my chair it was so intense, I had small convulsions of pleasure. He told me that he only wanted to give me pleasure. It excited me all the more. He was licking me and fingering me at the same time. It was excellent.

    I wanted it to continue forever but I also really wanted to suck it, because what I saw when we were in the grass really made me want to taste it.

    I asked him to straighten up, to lower his shorts and his boxers so that I could see what he was hiding there. I was not at all disappointed when I discovered his magnificent member. Smooth, shaved, unhooded and erect for me. This beautiful cock was just waiting to be pampered in my mouth.

    I sucked him greedily but not until he ejaculated, but just enough to make him moan a little when I grabbed his ass.

    I then asked him if he had a condom and he pulled it straight out.

    I waited for him to put it on and I offered to carry me and take me against one of the walls of the room. He took me, and as I told you earlier it helps to be light for this kind of situation, and fucked me like no one has ever fucked me. It was intense, but gentle, he was kissing me at the same time, I didn't have the feeling of a Kleenex kiss, and at the same time the context could have made him think. We blew in rhythm, I moved according to his thrusts, and we came together, at the same time. This is really what we needed.

    We ended the evening together, and we spent the next day together, and the day after…and we've been together for a year.

    He gives me so much and it goes way beyond sex. My self-confidence is boosted. My confidence as a woman, my confidence as a mother, my confidence as a person with reduced mobility.

    This testimony was close to my heart because there may be mothers in my case and they know that it is possible to start a new life and find a man who will see beyond our armchairs.

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