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    Badly organized holidays

    Vacances mal organisées

    Family holidays, in our second home, bought with a couple of friends.

    Usually, we go there alternately, one family in July and another in August, but this year, an organizational error, we all end up together.

    To introduce our families: I have been in a relationship for 14 years with my husband and we have 2 children aged 8 and 6. Our friends also have 2 children, 13 and 9 years old.

    So we meet in July in this big house, and exceptionally everyone was together.

    Even if I love my friends, I would have liked to be with my family only, but I put things into perspective by telling myself that it could be fun for the children.

    With my husband, we have had very few intimate relationships for a while and our couple is not in good shape, these holidays are a bit of a last chance.

    Contrary to our friends who are a fusional couple, full of attention towards each other and rather demonstrative and not very discreet when it comes to marks of affection. We experienced this from the evening of our arrival.

    We go to bed relatively late, we all had a little drink, we had a good reunion evening. Our friends' room is next to ours, a wall separates us. The children are in more distant rooms.

    With my husband we fall asleep, just saying goodnight but nothing more.

    In the middle of the night I wake up I don't really know why and I hear little squeaks. They intensify. I now hear accelerating breath noises and small bed creaks. I quickly understand that our friends have had a nocturnal desire and are doing good.

    I envy the situation that excites me as I hear them. I imagine being in my friend's shoes and being brutally taken. I so want to make love at this moment that I slip my hand under the blanket to masturbate. The wall is so thin and the house is asleep, I can clearly hear everything that's going on next to me.

    I play with my already wet clitoris, trying to make as little noise as possible so as not to wake my husband. I even have fun putting a finger on myself to increase my pleasure. It doesn't take me long to cum in silence. I was so excited.. I can't hear my friends anymore, they must be sleeping too.

    Two nights after same scenario, at about the same time. I tell myself that my friends were just waiting for that. Me, upon listening to the first muffled moans, I slip my hand under the sheet. And there, when I thought my husband was sleeping and I was thoroughly, I see him masturbating next to me ... and not under the sheet. I was about to stop and he looks at me waving his hand to me not to say anything.

    He took my hand to put it on his cock for me to jerk him off and put his hand on my cock to continue caressing me. Our friends continued to kiss without suspecting that their antics had heated us.

    We were touching each other, it was so hot after weeks without sex, when I wouldn't have said no to a good fuck! I'm pleasantly surprised at how things are going, just hearing my friend moan. I'm overexcited but I can't let go otherwise we risk getting caught.

    I motion my husband frantically, he writhes with pleasure and bites his lips to try not to make noise. He caresses me and I feel my clitoris about to explode so it's good to find him. I can't hear our friends anymore… We stop too… We say to ourselves that it was a little aperitif to warm up. We also think that if the next day our friends fuck again, we could play together again.

    The following night they didn't do anything, so neither did we, we thought we'd wait and oddly it was more exciting.

    The next night our friends did it again. I can tell you I secretly hoped they would do it again, waiting one more night would have driven me crazy.

    They always wait until there is no noise, thinking that the whole house is sleeping. I was on the lookout, while my husband was already asleep. We were naked, lying on a spoon, so I started rubbing my buttocks on her sex for a gentle awakening. It didn't take very long for me to feel him erect on my back. Without a word, I directed him towards my pussy so that his cock masturbated my clitoris. My man was making small movements, to avoid making the bed creak and our friends hearing us in turn. We had already warmed up and I didn't want to drag out the foreplay, I wanted to get caught, that was all that mattered.

    I arch my back and move my man's tail towards my anus. I was so excited, we were so in tune. He lifted my leg slightly and entered with great ease. I was totally open and completely let myself go. My husband passes his arm under me to be able to grab my breasts and stick me even closer to him, that we move in rhythm.

    It takes little time for us to enjoy, him in me. We end up falling asleep, forgetting our friends.

    The holidays are happening. We made love again at the same time as our friends a few more times, without the latter knowing about it, or else they didn't point it out to us (which wouldn't surprise me given how thin the walls are). thick).

    And we also did it without our friends being the source of our excitement, we were like horny teenagers, it was crazy after months without anything.

    I thank our friends who unwittingly revived our libido. Today our sex life is more fulfilled than ever, we test new things and we let ourselves go more.

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