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    Twenty years

    Vingt ans

    I have been with my husband for twenty years, we have 3 beautiful children, the dream life of magazines: excellent lifestyle, a beautiful house, a beautiful car, even the dog.

    People even envy our couple. On social networks I show this daily life via photos that I choose, that I embellish and that I romanticize to give dreams to my subscribers.

    But the reality is quite different. I have been bored for almost 10 years and pretend to be happy in the eyes of people. But out of cowardice, certainly, I dare not leave this man, who is an excellent father and who allows me to maintain a way of life to which I have become accustomed and which I do not want to abandon.

    My husband has always been a poor lover, sexually he thinks only of his pleasure and I have the feeling that he is making love to himself rather than to me. I've already talked to him about it, but nothing works, he continues to watch himself fucking and I...I'm totally frustrated.

    But do you leave a person who sexually does not fulfill you?

    To compensate for this lack, I invested in sex toys, but that doesn't replace melee, kisses and everything I dream of but my husband doesn't give me.

    After months of reflection I take the plunge…and I register on a dating site…without telling my husband of course. I still inform that I am married and that I am only looking for sex plans.

    It doesn't take long for me to be asked, and it boosts my self-confidence. Of course I do not jump on all the opportunities that are offered to me at first. After a few days, I have a conversation with a man, younger than me. I'm going to call him Mathéo.

    He is in his twenties, while I am approaching 50, but he has a way of talking to me that has a great effect on me. We are both looking for the same thing, and we decide to meet for real after a week of discussion.

    We plan to see each other just to fuck, no frills, no need to talk, I told him that I really wanted to be taken care of.

    The big day is coming, I can't wait. We decided to meet during my lunch break, in a hotel not far from my place of work, but discreetly so as not to be spotted by my colleagues.

    Before going to the appointment I take off my panties and my tights. I'm in a suit, I have a straight skirt and a light little shirt. I feel sexy and desirable, as I have rarely felt since I got married...

    I arrive at the appointment, Mathéo is waiting for me. He is physically more handsome than in the photos, and seems to be used to this type of encounter. I am intimidated but in a hurry and he is very enterprising.

    To reach the room you can either go up the stairs or take the elevator. We take the stairs, I go up first so that Mathéo can watch my buttocks and my legs. I raise my skirt slightly on purpose. It does not magnify, he tells me that he is in a hurry that we meet in the room because he would take me well on the stairs.

    These simple words are enough for the sexual tension to set in. I invite him to put his hand under my skirt, just so he can feel that I'm excited and to heat him up too.

    We finally arrive at the bedroom, we don't wait and we throw ourselves on each other. Mathéo sticks to me to kiss me full on the lips, his tongue is clever. He knows how to take it and does it well. I feel that his pressure rises strongly, he is erect as I always stick him against me. It's certainly his young age that makes him start like clockwork, but I like this ardor.

    I want to take matters into my own hands, and I throw him on the bed. I undo his pants and lower his boxers. He has an already stiff penis. His cock is thick, bigger than my husband's. I only have her as a point of comparison, because I only made love with him. I start to suck it with enthusiasm. I know I'm good at it, because my husband loves it. I like to show her that I am a woman of experience and I apply myself. At each of his little moans I accelerated the pace of my comings and goings. I hear “Oh damn it's good…go on…it's so good”, I feel it moving in my mouth, I'm a sucking machine.

    Mathéo takes off his shirt to find himself completely naked, and I am again served by the sight of this body of a Greek god, his perfectly defined abs and a desire to be violently taken by this man. He is so handsome, wants to fuck me and shows it to me.

    He puts me on the bed, I'm on my back and he lifts my skirt. He slips between my thighs and says "You wanted to be fucked, I'm going to fuck you." He spreads my legs to go deeper and takes care of my vulva. It was the second time in my life that someone did that to me and the first time didn't leave me with an unforgettable memory… He does it really well, he's delicate and presses on my thighs at the same time. I savor every lick, I get shivers all over my body.

    I tell him "Fuck me now!" ". He takes a condom, puts it on in record time and barely have I time to realize that he is inside me. I was really good, I had no pressure to take pleasure where it was. He was vigorous, the sight of his protruding pelvis and the birth of his shaved pubis excited me so much. He caressed me, he looked at me, he kissed me, he told me that I was magnificent. Everything my husband never told me or almost never told me.

    I take his toned buttocks in my hands for him to sink even deeper, he smiles and loves the move. I make him move at my own pace, he tells me that he won't be long and that he wants to take me doggy style.

    I do what he asks me, I arch my back and he grabs my ass. I ask him to take them very firmly, he tells me that he doesn't want to hurt me, I tell him that I really want to. He does it. I've always wanted to be slapped, I ask him to do it, I feel that it excites him even more, he accelerates his movement. I touch myself at the same time. His jolts are jerky, he enjoys, not me.

    I thought I was going to be frustrated again, as I could be with my husband, but there I was.

    Mathéo didn't want to leave me hungry and said, “I told you I was going to fuck you, the orgasm was also included. ". He pleasantly surprised me. He went back to licking me and it didn't take long for me to come really hard. That day, I cried, because I realized how boring my sex life was and how much I missed with a man having sex. It took me this meeting with Mathéo, a much younger man, to realize that I was alive in bed and that my pleasure counted as much as that of my partner.

    I returned to work on cloud nine. I went home without guilt.

    I've been seeing Mathéo several times a week for 6 months, to make love and more...

    Mathéo told me that he was in love with me and suffers from seeing me unhappy in my marriage, but I can't take the plunge, even though I also have feelings for him.

    For years I had been walking in the dark, in the superficial, but Mathéo is opening my eyes little by little.

    My husband still doesn't know that I'm cheating on him, but I'm the happiest during these suspended moments with Mathéo.

    I don't know how long it will last, but I take what he gives me.

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