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    Night visit

    Visite nocturne

    I have been breastfeeding and co-sleeping for 3 years now.

    For practical reasons but also for the well-being of the family, my spouse and I have decided to have a separate room. Him in a room opposite the one I occupied with our child.

    The co-sleeping was not obvious at first, but it is imposed on us. I valued my breastfeeding more than anything and my nights as well. I couldn't see myself getting up to breastfeed in my baby's room at all. I loved and still love waking up next to my child.

    We had tried to sleep three in our big bed, but in the end we bothered each other more than anything else.

    We resumed intercourse gently 9 months after giving birth, I did not feel ready yet, my libido had not yet returned and I was tired. 

    A year ago our sexuality evolved. Until now I was not the one who was most in demand, nor even who went to him. I had a click and I felt good again in my new female body.

    I wanted to take the first step towards my man and surprise him.

    It had been about a week since our child  slept without waking up at night.

    It's 11:30 p.m., I've been in bed for a while and I hear my husband come up the stairs and go to his room.

    After making sure baby was sleeping soundly, I got out of bed in the quietest way possible, trying not to make a sound as I reached for the door and opened it. I get naked.

    My husband is already lying, naked too, under the duvet, when I join him in the dark. He was about to fall asleep but is happy to feel me when I spoon against him. The contact of my buttocks on his sex makes him directly with an erection. He draws me closer to him so that we become one. 

    He caresses my breasts, kisses my neck, and rubs against me. He caresses the underside of my buttocks, this part of my body is driving him crazy. We don't make noise, but we breathe hard. Still back to my man, I slip my hand to jerk him off. 

    His penis is very hard, he lifts one of my legs to access mine. I am open and completely relaxed, he enters me in a second. 

    I feel that he clings to my buttocks to set the pace jerks, slow and penetrating. Time seems to stop, we are in our bubble. 

    We are starting to get hot, we take off the duvet. My husband puts me in position for doggy style. I take a pillow that I place under my belly so that my buttocks are offered. He approaches his glans to my clitoris to tickle it a little and barely has he penetrated me than I think I hear "Momnnnnnn suck!" at the other end of the hall. 

    That night I was so hot that I pressed my man to finish. Hearing my child boosted the end of our relationship. My man accelerated the pace of his thrusts and we came together in less than a minute….

    I then quickly rushed to my room to unsheath my breast…to find my child sound asleep…I had been hallucinating, he hadn't said anything. I realize that I had not completely let go in fact.

    I fell asleep, satisfied alongside my child nt and this night allowed me to let go a little more and to share my desires with my husband, who does the same from now on. We try to meet more often, not necessarily for a report that will go to the end but at least caresses or cuddly moments +++ 

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