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    Comfort zone

    Zone de confort

    I am a mother of a teenager and I live with a man older than me.

    We met through a dating app and hooked up straight away.

    From our first meeting, it was obvious that we were going to see each other again, and go a long way together. It can't be explained.

    We are a free couple: to tell the truth, before meeting him, I was not really liberated, even rather stuck and he led me to rethink my sexuality completely differently.

    I have long had sexual difficulties, partners not necessarily attentive to my expectations, rather to listen to their own pleasures. I was not happy. I rediscovered female pleasure with my current partner, whom I would call Guillaume.

    Guillaume knew how to take the time to tame me and listen to me. Was it his experience of women that helped him understand me more than the other men I had been with? Undeniably!

    He introduced me to certain sexual practices that I hadn't thought of, out of modesty and a lack of self-confidence. Always with my consent and with respect.

    One night, Guillaume told me that he would like to introduce me to threesomes. He tells me he leaves me the choice of partner, male or female, it doesn't matter to him. He tells me that it can be a stranger or someone we already know who might be interested in joining us.

    The idea tickles me enough, I have this fantasy of doing it with a friend of his, Sandra, whom I know to be rather liberated. I ask Guillaume if he thinks she would be up for it. He smiled at me, telling me that Sandra was a former hookup, that it was funny that I thought of her and that he too wouldn't be against putting it back with me in the game.

    I feel no jealousy when he talks about this old hookup, on these issues I have also evolved a lot with him.

    Guillaume therefore offers Sandra to come and have dinner at home the following weekend because we would be without my teenager.

    Saturday night is coming, I'm pretty excited as Sandra hasn't arrived yet. With Guillaume we warmed up all day, the sexual tension is palpable between us.

    Sandra arrives and we sit down for an aperitif. The atmosphere is good-natured. After dinner we come back to the living room to sit down and talk together again. We had taken out the bottles of wine and that also helped us a lot to let go. The evening progresses and the topics of conversation become hotter and hotter. Guillaume talks casually again about the relationship he had with Sandra, telling her that it was really good to make love with her.

    Guillaume was sitting on the sofa with Sandra and I was on an armchair next to it.

    The temperature begins to rise again, Guillaume approaches Sandra and tells her that he would like to kiss her, looking at me at the same time. Sandra turns to me to ask my permission to do so. I smile at him in approval.

    Guillaume kisses her languidly, caressing her. This view is already starting to excite me and I let them continue. Guillaume asks me to come over, waving his hand. I am now at his side, he stops kissing Sandra, to kiss me in turn.

    Sandra starts touching my hair and stroking my back. She is completely receptive to what is happening.

    In the excitement I start my turn and I kiss Sandra. It was a first for me, but I think I got away with it pretty well, she seemed to appreciate it because she kissed me back.

    At the sight of our languorous kiss, Guillaume, who was between us, began to rub his cock through his pants. I saw that he was already erect.

    I wanted to increase his excitement even more by showing myself even more enterprising in front of Sandra.

    I started to unbutton her blouse while kissing her chest. I discover a sublime cute chest. Her breasts fit perfectly in my hand, I want to take them in my mouth and play with her nipples…I take off her bra and I do it.

    A breast in my mouth for me, my hand on my man's sex and Sandra kissing Guillaume.

    I'm excited as ever, I did not take so much pleasure. We don't stop there. We head into the bedroom to be more comfortable.

    Once arrived, we all get naked. My erect man, Sandra with her superb body and me completely wet.

    Guillaume asks us to put ourselves on the bed, he wants to see us warm up while he jerks off. Sandra lies down first, I join her. I continue to kiss her by putting me on all fours on her, it's a delight. I go down her body, kissing her everywhere and I stop at her sex, to lick her. Again, this was a first for me, but I licked it the way I like to be licked. By the way she moved and moaned, I knew I was doing her a lot of good.

    Guillaume continued to masturbate and approached more and more of us.

    I licked Sandra who touched her breasts at the same time, I also took the opportunity to fiddle with them.

    Guillaume has disappeared, and returns with a condom already placed on his penis.

    Me, I position myself on the head of Sandra, who takes care this time of licking me like a goddess.

    Too excited to stay back, Guillaume also settles on the bed, spreads Sandra's legs to lick her too and ends up penetrating her.

    I really didn't think seeing my man fucking another woman would turn me on so much. But this moment increased my pleasure even more. I heard her moan with each penetration and Sandra accelerated her licks by clinging to my hips.

    I moved away and put on the side to observe them. I couldn't help touching myself when I saw them, it was so exciting.

    This time it's me who asks Guillaume to lie down. Sandra positions herself on his head to get licked.

    I take off my man's condom and stand on top of him. I start rubbing my clitoris on his wet glans, before he gets into me. I still play a little with her sex and I end up impaling myself. I scream with pleasure, his cock is so good.

    He accompanies my movements, while still being in his pussy with Sandra, who enjoys under his licks. I accelerate back and forth, I squat and I do squats on his cock. Sandra comes to me and kisses me again, touching my breasts.

    My movements are getting faster and faster, Guillaume's pelvic strokes getting more and more intense because he's about to come. I pull out and take it in my mouth. One more swipe and it ends up in my mouth. I swallow his's so good!

    This night was crazy, I really liked giving and receiving pleasure with a woman and that my man attended while not being a mere spectator.

    We see Sandra regularly when we want to have fun with three.

    But I also see her again when I want to have fun just with her, with the approval of Guillaume, who is rather excited at the idea.

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