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    Pause Culotte - Volume 1: Intimate confessions drawn from real events

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    What is Pause Culotte?

    Pause Culotte is above all an Instagram account opened since August 2021, run by Lindsay, a young mother.

    This book brings together 10 parental sexual confessions, inspired by real events, which trivializes the fact that a woman who has become a mother is not just that. She also has desires, fantasies, that her sex life does not end as soon as she has one or more children. Remove the taboo on parental sexuality and free speech. No, we don't make love just to reproduce, no, we're not a bad mother when we talk about sexuality in a free and uninhibited way.

    These confessions also show that you can have children, but that you don't just think about them all the time and that it's also important to think about yourself, as a woman, as a couple.

    To offer yourself to have fun, or to offer, to reboost your libido or to have new ideas to test alone, in pairs or more.

    Take out your vibrator or go by hand, and get inspired by these stories to (re)explore yourself.

    Hardcover book - 58 pages - Printed in France - BAP illustrations - StudioOhé layout

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